Thursday, April 21, 2016


Here we are in Stouffville, had a lovely afternoon chatting and showing our wonderful projects off. This first blanket is from Christine, beautiful colours.

Another afghan for ( 360 Kids ) from Christine.

Look at this gorgeous jacket from Kathy.

And lovely hat and scarf set.

These next three projects are from a friend of Kathy, girl's dress,
 hat and scarf set,

and this lovely shrug .

I just love the colours in this blanket, from Beth.

And from a new member Jennifer, this beautiful hat and scarf set. Will keep some one very warm.

I was asked to make a few white blankets for clients, so this one of them. Crazy stitch and scalloped border.

This pattern is called beautiful shells blanket. I love the pattern, but i will have to use a thicker weight yarn for the next one.
That's all for now and thank you all again for your time and great work.

Saturday, April 16, 2016


The first two afghans are for ( 360 Kids ) beautiful!!

Round baby blanket.

Pony blanket. Love this one.

This one is so beautiful!!

This amazing and she said it was easy to knit!! Gorgeous!

Another lovely blanket.

Toddlers blanket.

So cute!

Thanks so much Brenda G!! You make some amazing things.

Monday, April 4, 2016


Today we had a new member joined us, at the Cedarcrest Manor. And was delighted to meet with the group. We were delighted to meet you too!! Hope to see you again!

Here are some beautiful blankets, Lynn donated. Lot of interesting stitches done by some one in Stouffville.

This lovely sweater and helmet hats are also from Lynn.

I love the cowl on the table, all from Barb. Beautiful!

This blanket was donated by a friend of Brenda.

Now i am not sure, but i think this blanket is from Joan. Lovely!

And of course Hats from Joan.

This is well done Mary! Crocheting this Bavarian blanket. Beautiful!!

A lovely blanket for a boy from Liz.

And some baby bear hats. Cute!!

Also a couple of mitts from Liz.

two baby hats from Ruth a friend of Liz.

Lots of baby hats from Lorraine also a friend of Liz.

Another crazy stitch blanket from me.

Here is Christine showing off one of her afghans for 360 Kids. Beautiful!!
That's all for now!! Thank you all for your beautiful work and precious time.


On March 26th we did the draw for the raffle and a client of Rita's won! Here is Kim and I drawing the ticket.

 and here is the winner Marilyn Fleming.  She is hoping that this will bring her a grant child. I hope it will too!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


This is such a beautiful pattern for an afghan, Madge crocheted. I love it!! 

Now from my Stouffville knit/crochet machine Beth, is this lovely baby blanket, I think she used hdc ch 1 for this pattern.

This one, I cannot remember the stitch she used.

and another blanket from Beth. Chevron Pattern, beautiful!!

Here is one of her afghans for 360 Kids. Gorgeous!!

And another one using SC ch 1 pattern. This pattern works up pretty fast. I will be trying it soon! Beth you are amazing!!

Marg has been making receiving blankets for us, this one is of little turtles. So cute.
 This one also has animals on it.Very cute.

From Christine, this beautiful afghan for 360 Kids.

Here are a few sweaters from Kathy, love this, adorable!!

Kathy loves knitting little items and she does such a great job at them. Lovely!!

A surprise visit from Janet, and here is this lovely pullover she knitted.

This is my forth afghan and I used the SC spike stitch for this one, it also worked up pretty fast.

Here is one of my crazy stitch blankets and this stitch works up fast too!! That's why I love crocheting baby blankets using this stitch. I also tried the granny stitch border that I found on ravelry. I am working on another one right now, so it will be for the Markham meeting.

The next 8 beautiful blankets are from Hazel from Stouffville.

This is an interesting pattern!

This is a diamond stitch with what looks like a ball in the middle of the diamond.

These two blankets, I am sure was a lot of work. Great job Hazel!!

Another interesting pattern.

Beautiful set.

Another beautiful pattern. Thank you so much Hazel!
Well I thought this was a great day for receiving so many items. Thank you all for the great job you do every year. Keep up the good work!!