Saturday, July 22, 2017


At our Stouffville meeting, Janice showed up with quite a number of items to donate. Here are five beautiful blankets with hats and some of them toys.

A shawl and hat,

hat and cowl sets,

Here a scarf, socks and a hat.

A baby jacket and a bunny.

A toy cat.

Hat and scarf set for a girl.

baby bonnets,

a couple of baby sleeper,
And a bib.

Baby set, adorable!

and another baby set. They are so well done Janice. Thank you so much for your lovely work.

And from Kathy, a beautiful jacket.

I love the colours in this blanket, from Madge.

also from Madge, this lovely blanket.

And here is another blanket from Madge.

A few hat and scarf sets from Madge.

This blanket pattern just shells, beautiful! From Beth.

I love the colours in this one. Also from Beth.

This such a beautiful candy strip blanket, from Beth.

from Beth another blanket for a boy, from Beth.

This pattern is a bundle of joy, from me.
Thank you all for your amazing work.

Monday, July 3, 2017

June 25th at Monica's for a BBQ.

Finally we had a break from the rain to sit outside, but not for long, back inside to eat.
To bad every one cold not make it this time, hopefully we will have a better day next year.
Here are a few members sitting around having a chat and working of their project.

Jane and Christine very much into the conversation they are  having.

Here is a beautiful blanket from Jane.

And some hat and scarf set.

The rest of items were dropped of at Knitters Attic and Liz dropped them off today.
These are from Jennifer from Toronto.
A cowl,

Hats and scarves,

and this lovely blanket.
Thanks so much to all of you for your wonderful work.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


We had a good turn out on Sunday, lots of gorgeous work for donation.
Here are some beautiful blankets from Beth. This one is a Project Linus pattern, it turned out great Beth!

I love the combination of  colours Beth use. Beautiful!

Here is another one from Attic 24, it is very simple and using different colours  gives it a different look.
Beautiful work Beth.

Feather and fan candy strips. Great job! Love it!

Another Attic 24 pattern, same as the one above. Looks different right!

Rainbow blanket by Beth.

Marg knitted cowls to match these hats. Great job Marg.

Here is a beautiful boy's blanket from Marg. Great colours.

WOW bright colour for a baby, from Marg. Love it!
 And from Kathy, these gorgeous baby items, a lovey pullover,

and this cute jacket for a boy.

Another jacket for a boy or girl.

Love this one, for a girl.

I love the border on this jacket, so cute!

This blankt i used the Granite Relief Stitch and added a border around. Very easy work up, but next time to make it, i will work the border in at the same time.
Well ladies thank you for your amazing work. Could not do this with out you all.