Wednesday, February 22, 2017


We are hoping to see some new faces for the Stouffville meetings. Pleases contact me at 
Here are two blanket the same pattern that Marg knitted. Simple and effected.

This one Marg used baby yarn. Soft and cuddly.

and Kath has knitted a couple of cowl and hat sets. Very nice.

From Christine this lovely baby blanket. pretty colours.

Here Christine knitted this using 4 rows of one colour and 2 rows of another colour. Looks great!

Here is another blanket I used the Sherbet pattern.

This one I used a shell stitch pattern.
Thank you all for your time and wonderful work.

Monday, February 20, 2017


We now have the meeting calendar for 2017 available on the blog! You can get to it by clicking the 'Meeting Calendar' link under the Pages header on the left side of the blog page. Hope to see you soon!

Kneat Knitters at Amica Unionville

As you may know from previous posts, we have a small group of ladies at Amica at Unionville who have been knitting for us for about a year. They get together every two weeks with Monica and Jane from Casting Off the Cold to socialize and do some knitting, and have been dubbed the 'Kneat Knitters' for the Amica social events calendar. The ladies have been working throughout January to make some of the much-needed baby blankets and a few other items. Here are photos from our February 11 meeting donation:

A hat and scarf from Christine

 And a baby blanket and hat set from Muriel

Monica also had a blanket ready to donate. This is a diagonal 'dish cloth' blanket with patches of colour worked in.

Thanks, ladies. We have already heard from some of the knitters that they have items ready to donate at our next meeting on February 25.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


This blanket Mary crocheted using the beautiful shells pattern. This pattern  is one of my favorites.Good job Mary!

Crazy stitch scarf from Mary. Lovely!

Beautiful scarves from Joan.

And this lovely blanket.

Hats and two beautiful head bands from Joan.

Barb this blanket looks great! Love the colours.

And a hat to keep some one warm this winter.

From Christine this beautiful blanket,

And another,

And this one too!

A beautiful baby blanket from Sharon.
 Also from Sharon these two hats.

I love this stitch, you crochet in the back stitch to form the pattern. very easy and works up fast.
The blanket is -classic baby blanket.

And another fave of mine is the sherbet baby afghan. You can buy this pattern on eBay.
Thanks you for you great work!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


11 beautiful knitted baby blankets. Some of them she used the basket weave pattern and some a hearth pattern. The first one is for a toddler.

Thank you so much Krys for your generous donation.

Monday, January 16, 2017


Christine creation, this beautiful baby blanket for a boy. Love the way she used the colours.

Another interesting combination of colours by Christine.

The next five blankets are from Beth. Busy working on blankets for this years donation.Beautiful wave blanket.

And one of my favorite, because of the colours. From studio 24.

And here is another also from studio 24.

Here she did a shell stitch pattern for this one and i love the border she used.

This one she used the pattern, beautiful shells. Beautifully done Beth.

Here are a few hat and mitt sets from a friend of Kathy's (Pat) Thank you so much Pat.

Well Kathy surprised me with all these gorgeous baby sweaters, so pretty.

Another lovely one,

and another, this yarn is a little furry.

And a beautiful pink one.

I love this pullover.

From Marg, this lovely blanket,

And her favorite pattern, amazing colours.

Another delightful colour for a girl.

Here is one of her quilts. I love it!

This blanket I used chunky yarn and a shell pattern. Winter White Afghan from Leisure Arts.

This one is the pattern sherbet baby afghan that I found an old book. You can buy the pattern on eBay.
Well I think this was a very good start for this year and i hope it keeps up. Thank you all again for your support.