Thursday, October 24, 2013


We are almost finish with the bagging up every thing and will be ready for donation by the first week of November. we donated 53 preemie baby blankets today  to Project Linus. 

Donation from Marie, 60 hats,

and two scarves.

Thanks Marie, they are all so beautiful!

Just a quick look at what it looks like before we deliver to our charities.
My basement is crowed.

I cannot wait for all this stuff to go to those who need it most.


Here are a few more donations from our on line donors, a baby blanket,

and lots of scarves from Fonda's mom. Thank you so much for you donation.

                               STOUFFVILLE MEETING AT THE BREAKFAST ROOM.

This beautiful baby blanket was crocheted by Nayana,

and this one,

and a couple of hats,

another baby blanket,

this one I which you can see the detail in the pattern, very interesting. She made up the pattern her self.

Here are a few hats and cowls from Nayana.
These are from Margaret, gorgeous hat and scarf sets.

From Monica, a couple of hat and scarf sets.

And a baby blanket, she used the feather and fan pattern and it looks great.

From Christine, hat and scarf sets.

Also from Christine this lovely blanket for a boy.

Kathy loves to knit small things, these are just beautiful!

A baby blanket from Madge,

and a couple of hats,

Also from Madge's mom, lots of socks, thank you so much for all your lovely stuff you have donated to us in the past. Keep up the good work.

Sharon also loves to knit baby sweaters, they are so cute!

Another on who loves to knit small thing, is Pat and she knitted this beautiful baby dress, gorgeous!

And this is from Pat, a baby tunic.

Pat's Mickey Morse blanket, what a beauty!

These two blankets was donated unfinished and I had a go at it and this is what I ended up with.
this one she used the pattern, one double crochet one single crochet. I love the pattern, so easy and looks good.

This I had about five inches to finish the blanket, as you can see it curled a bit.

From Kim, these beautiful baby bibs, I love the colours Kim.

Also some dish cloths.
Well every one thanks again for all the wonderful things you have made this year and I am looking forward
to receiving lots more for next year.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


From Bev 17 hat and scarf sets,

and from Rowena, 74 hats,

and 51 scarves.
Thank you so much yearly contribution. We look forward to receive all the beautiful hats and scarves you knit for those in need each year. It is greatly appreciated by those receiving them. Great job.