Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Here are a few baby jackets, hats, bereavement blankets and pouches from Tracy.

These pouches are great and they match the blankets.

Thanks Tracy!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I am very impress with the number of items we have been collecting, considering the great weather we are having. I am not complaining, so keep up the great work!!

These wonderful items on this table is from Catarina, who is a member of the Markham Guild.
Thank you so much Catarina!

This blanket I crocheted using the front and back post. It took me a long time because I had to rip it back after I crocheted 30 ins. So you could imagine how frustrated I was.
Click on the photo to see it close up.

I decided to crochet some preemie hats,
while working on the blanket.

Another blanket from my Leisure Art book.

This is a vintage pattern,
also from a Leisure Art book.

Great hats and scarves from Pat.

Pat is also crocheting blankets,
this one is beautiful!

And another from Pat, great colours.

Nayana, put some squares together,
that was donated to us and made this blanket.

And here are some more Bereavement blankets
from Nayana.

Here are some hats and scarves from Sheena,
a friend of Nayana's.

WOW, all these hats and scarves are from Bev Willert a friend of Liz's and a cousin Linda. Good stuff!!
Thank you all so much!

Sunshine blanket and mitts from Liz.

Here she is showing it off.

Monica! this bereavement blanket looks great!
Love the colours.

Here you can see the pouch that goes with it.

This is Margaret showing her first crocheted blanket,
and on the table are some wonderful hats and scarves.

And Jane made a hat and scarf.

On this table is another bereavement blanket from Barb,
and a preemie hat.