Wednesday, April 22, 2015


This a few months of work from the Cedarcrest Manor,Seniors Group. It always amazes me to see how much work they donate in such little time. WOW!

All of these items are from Lynn

I see that purchased some light T's for some of the jackets they have made.

Love the hats.

from Joann, these beautiful hats, scarves and cowls.

This colourful blanket is from Magda

And from Surinder a lovely baby blanket.

More from Joann, baby blankets,

and this cute baby dress.

Mary donated a few blankets,
beautiful colours in this one and I love the stitch.

 This pattern, I have done before and it will be my next project.

Barb love knitting hats, there is a lot on this table.

Here are some more, for babies.

Leg warmers for the little one.
Thank you so much ladies for your time and great work.


At our monthly meeting at the Canadian Legion, this passed Sunday, Stouffville mayor Justin Altmann and his friend Ron Dougald took the time to join us showing a genuine interest in what each of us were knitting and crocheting for the many charities that casting off the cold donates to.  Mr. Altmann kindly offered to advertise at the town hall hoping to attract other crafters that share our interest and desire to give back.  

In the photos you can see that they are having a grant time with the group and the mayor trying his hand at knitting. I hope he does not drop a stitch with all the fun they are having.

This blanket is from Beth and I love the colours she used for the pattern

Here is another one of Beth's a beautiful pink baby blanket.

Here Beth used the seed stitch for this blanket. It turned out great!

Another one of Beth's. The cute jacket and hat,

Some chemo hat also from Beth.

Here are a few baby items from Kathy, this beautiful jacket,

WOW this one is adorable!!!

Hat and scarf sets also from Kathy.

I finally finished Eeyore for my great nephew in Winnipeg. It took me a few months to do this blanket. I hope he is going to like it.

I never thought that I will ever make a blanket with these colours, but I did, because some ask me to make it for her. So I am eating my words. If you have colours that you don't think you would like together, try it, it may look good after all.
I would like to thank you all for your support and talent for all these years, making a difference in York Region. Happy crafting.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


This hat was sent to me by Melissa from Kanata On. Thank you Mellissa!

Here are three fleece baby blankets that I love. They were donated to us by Alice, she did not make them, they were bought. If any one can sew and would like to make some of them to donate to us, please contact me. Alice thank you so much for these blankets. They are perfect for new born babies.

At the Markham meeting, this beautiful blanket Madge crocheted. I love the colours.

Gorgeous cowl and hat sets from Siobhan

 Another slipper set from Monica, made for a friend. She will be making some for casting off the cold soon.

From Jane, a couple of hat and scarf set. Lovely!

I really like this little boy's sweater, from Sharon. Sharon I love it!

and a scarf.

Christine is at it again, three beautiful blankets.
The yarn she used for this blanket, worked up amazing.

I think she said pattern, she used the drop stitch. beautiful!

I finally finished this for my great nephew in Winnipeg. I hope he is going to like it.
That's it for now, keep up the good work. Thanks again.