Friday, March 27, 2015


These hat and scarf sets are from Bev, a friend of Liz.

And here are a couple of vest from a anonymous  donor. Thank you for your beautiful work.

Also these lovely hats,

and mitts, booties and the toy.
Many thanks for working so hard to help us help those in need.

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Christine is not afraid of colour anymore, she is using up her odd balls to knit up some good looking blankets. The look so mummy.The first three balnkets are from Christine.

One of our new member Marg, knitted this lovely blanket, just the right colours for a boy.

Here some hat and scarf sets also for boys,

and this beautiful blanket. Love the pattern.

And from Monica, a pair of slippers she made for a friend, she thought she would show to you all.

She also made this cloourful blanket for a friend, great colours.

Another new member, Beth is working up a storm for us. here are a couple cowls,

and some lovely baby blankets.

Thank you all so much for your wonderful work. Happy crafting.

Thursday, March 5, 2015


Baby hat, scarf and bootee.


kid's slipper,

This shawl looks like a butterfly! Beautifully done.

A baby cocoon,

another poncho,

and a scarf.

hooded jacket for a kid.

Prayer's shawl.

Another hooded poncho.

This one I cannot figure out! I know it is a poncho, but don't know how you would put it on.

Well Brenda you did it again. Thanks so much for your donation.


What a beautiful cardigan for a little girl.

Hat and cardigan set, lovely!

Love this set!

And a blanket to go with.

Here is another blanket to go with the green set above.

Is this cute! Love the colours.

Hats for guys,

And a few for kids!
Thank you so much for your donation.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I have been receiving lots of online donations, so it will take a while to upload every thing. I will start with Markham meeting.
Here are some pictures from Markham meeting, lots of blankets from Christine,


one for a baby boy. Must not forget the boys.

Love the strip combination here.

This is one of Christine's own pattern.

These colours works so well.

This jacket is from Sharon.I love it.

A cowl, hat and mitts from Siobhan,
 Hat and Scarf sets from Madge,
 and this lovely baby blanket.

Sorry you can't see the pattern in this blanket, but is it very interesting. From Nayana.

Also from Nayana, hats,

and this preemie set.
This is from me, I have done this one before and loved it, so I made another one.

As always, thanks to all of you for your wonderful work. God bless.