Monday, May 28, 2012


At our May meeting in Stouffville, three new members joined in and had a lot of wonderful items to donate.
I am hoping to see this happen more often so we would have lots more for our fall donation this year. The ladies are all so creative and I am always amazed by the beautiful baby clothing they bring in.
Ulrika; I new this would be a good thing for you, you did a great job at running the Stouffville group. Thanks.

Now here are those wonderful children clothing I mentioned,  
This one is from a friend of Kathy's, a beautiful baby outfit.

As usual from Kathy, a gorgeous baby sweater.

 There is a little wrap for a baby,

 and this lovely sweater,

 also a baby dress, all so well done.
 One of the new members, Pat showing her lovely yellow baby blanket,

 and another,
 love the colours in this one,
 and for a boy, lets not forget them.
 A pink heart preemie blanket,
 and of course another one for a boy.
Her is Billie a new member and she is showing a beautiful soft baby blanket,
 and this lovely green blanket, love the stitch on this one.
 more preemie blankets,

 a lapghan,
 another one,
 All these sweaters are from Billie.

 This variegated sweater is from Connie, beautiful!
 and a vest,
 a jacket,
 and a hat and scarf set for a kid.
 Connie also donated some bears, they are so cute. some kids will love them.
 Pat (1) crocheted the gorgeous baby blanket. I love this pattern and hope to try it one day.
 And a lovely baby set,
 also a jacket.
 Baby summer hats from Donna, the colours are amazing.
 and an angel pocket,
 some one's baby is going to the ballet with this dress. Love it.
 Donna also donated the beautiful baby blanket.
 Michela, knitted this kids jacket and embroider a flower on. Lovely.
 This lime green sweater is also from Michela,

 and here is here daughter showing a blue and white blanket Michela made,
 and a sweater in the same colours.
 Michela loves to make up her own designs, here she is showing and kids dress and hand bag to go with.
I think some kid would love this in the fall.
 and this lovely dress.
 This granny blanket is from an anonymous donor, thank you, it will surely keep some one warm this winter.
 Here is a baby blanket from Ulrika, beautiful!
 And an angel pocket,
 Ulrika used up her cotton ends to crochet this lovely blanket.
 And this one is from me, using up my scraps as well. I am determined  to use up all of it this summer.
So more colourful blankets on it way.
To all of you, thank you so much for your great work as usual. Keep it up and hope to see you on June 10th for KIP. at the Markham Library.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Markham May Meeting

Even though it was a beautiful day outside (finally), we had a good turnout for our Markham group meeting on Sunday. Here are the photos (you may need your sunglasses for one or two!).

Christine has been busy again! This time she's made a number of beautifully decorated kids' sweaters.

And here she is with a lovely blanket.

Jane provided this diagonally striped blanket. We know how much work she put into it! Great job, Jane!!

Barb made a variety of things this month. Those scarves are really soft.

She also donated a hat and a bereavement dress.

Sunglasses time!! You sure couldn't miss anyone wrapped up in this blanket!

Liz's group of friends made all these hat and scarf sets for us. Thank you very much, ladies!

Liz donated these beautiful little jackets.

And these hats and scarves are from Margret,

and so is this blanket. She certainly has been working hard.

This anonymous donation came from a yard sale. Thanks to the homeowners who gave it to us when they found out it was going to charity.

Ulrika made these Angel Pockets with little hats.

As usual, Ulrika also had one of her bags on hand. Isn't it just lovely as well as practical.

Paramjit certainly was busy, too! She made all of these, plus

this pretty little blanket, and

a gorgeous set of a blanket, jacket and hat. Absolutely wonderful work. Thanks so much!

We look forward to seeing everybody at the next Markham meeting on June 2.