Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Donation From Online Donors

This beautiful preemie blanket, is from Libby,

And a wonderful baby blanket. She used the heart pattern for this one.

Hat a scarves also Libby.

Hats from Kim, lovely colours. An online donor.
Thank you both for your donation.

Monday, September 19, 2016


Lots of donations arriving, so many beautiful stuff to give to the needy. Last year i thought that I will give it up, but it looks like I would have to keep going for a few more year. So many people in need, especially in the winter. So if you can help, please let me know. We also take Quilts for babies and toddlers.

These hat were donated by an on known donor from Stouffville. Beautiful colours.

Here are some blankets from Hazel M from Stouffville. This is such a beautiful pattern, it is lacy, soft and a lovely peach colour.

This one she used a basket weave pattern.

Another interesting pattern.

Eyelet pattern

Very warm.

Here is a round blanket and I have to say this is the first round blanket that I have seen that is perfect!! Great job Hazel!

Here is another one, Perfect.

And another, perfect!

Lots of hat and scarf sets from Christine. Love the colour combination.

From Beth this lovely blanket.

Also from Beth, this blue and white blanket.

And from one of our online members, Georgia. Lovely!
Many thanks to all and keep up the great work.

Friday, September 16, 2016

On Wednesday I received 14 afghans from Linda P. Here is a photo of her with the afghans. Linda said they were done with in the pass two years. They are all beautiful Linda and I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful work and all the time you have put in to making them.

Here are the Afghans, this one was made with scraps.

and this one, I love the colours in them.

Linda said that this one is her favorite, I can see why! Great colour combination.

The next two also made from scraps.

Lovely blue,

Beautiful colours in this chevron  afghan.
A few more strip blankets.

Interesting colours here.

This beautiful rose afghan will fit a double bed.
Well i have to say the we sure have enough afghans for the charities that need them.
Thanks again Linda.

Monday, September 12, 2016


Hello every one, we will be filling the bags from the first week of October, for donation. As you know we make our delivery around the end of October to the second week of November. So if you are donating to us this year, could you please try and get them to us by the second week of October.
It looks like we are in need for more baby blankets and hat and scarf sets for this winter. It will be great if we could make our Quota this year for all the charities we help each winter. Last year we were short of baby blankets.
Hope you all had a great summer and is welcoming the cooler weather. I am enjoying this very much.

This beautiful hat and scarf set is from Sharon,

And Sharon finally finish her afghan. Beautiful work Sharon and what lovely earth colours.

A few hats from Barb,

And from Joan, these cute hats.

baby hats from Mary W. Adorable.

This hat and scarf set Jen crochet with a self striping yarn, Beautiful!!

Jen's first baby blanket. She used the crazy stitch for this and a lovely variegated yarn. Good job Jen.

Another self striping yarn that Mary B used for this blanket. How beautiful is that!

Mary knitted this hat for a kid from a kit. isn't cute!

Madge diagonal granny blanket. She used scraps for this blanket and the colours complement each other. Great job Madge.

This is a christening blanket I found on line. It is call little clouds crochet blanket pattern.I just love the look of it.

Monica finished this top that was donated to us unfinished, and it was done in cotton. It looks great!

The rest of the blankets are from Brenda P an on line knitter.





and another preemie.

Well ladies as usual thank you so much for all the beautiful work and for giving your time to help us each year.