Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Winter is still here, and it's cold out there. So if you have a little time to spear to craft an item for some one in need, and have no time to attend a meeting, you can contact us to pick up your goods.
We are in great need of winter goods for the Homeless and Shelters in York Region. So please help us make a huge difference in York Region.
Here are some of the things we knit and crochet. We work all year round making warm clothing for the winter to keep some one warm.

The happy hooker is back!!!

Tracy is showing a baby blanket she crocheted.

And on the table are many, many more blankets and hats.
Great job Tracy!

Leann a friend of Tracy knitted these baby jackets and mitts.
Thank you so much Leann!

And here is Siobhan showing this beautiful purple jacket.

Also on the table is a baby's bonnet and mitts with a Cha Cha hat and scarf.

Well Maria! This Pullover is to beautiful to give away,
but hey people this is what we do!
Not thing is to good for the people we donate to.

Maria loves the front post stitch as you can see, she made two more of those blankets. They are colourful and they are great for kids. Good stuff Maria!

Here is a hat and scarf she crocheted.

These three baby blankets were donated to COTC by Elisabet Truesdell a member of the Markham Guild.
Thank you very much for your donation.

Pat the knitting Machine is also back,
Here pat is showing a baby hat and mitts.

And here are a lot of preemie hats and a couple more blankets, from Pat.

Two beautiful hats and scarves from Margaret.

And Monica, a baby blanket and hat,

and on this table another blanket and a hat and scarf.

These are from Nayana, hats and scarves and a couple of preemie hats.

And this crocheted cross stitch baby blanket,
by me.

and on the table a blanket using the front post stitch. I also love this stitch. And to use up the Christmas yarn we have inherited, a hat and scarf.

Thank you Ladies for such a verity of clothing. Keep up the good work.