Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We will have a lot of beautiful baby blankets for sale at the Stouffville Festival so drop by and have look. And also a raffle for a crochet Tiger blanket, made by one of our members.

These three baby blankets Christine knitted
by Christine for the strawberry Festival.

And two beautiful sweaters.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Getting ready for the Stouffville Strawberry Festival on July 2nd from 9.30am to 6pm. We will be raising funds for the organization, so please drop by you may find something you have been looking for, for a baby or an adult. All hand made.

Also we would love to sign up any new members if you are interested in joining the group in Stouffville. Spend an afternoon knitting/ crocheting and have fun sharing any of your ideas with others. We are a great group of women crafting for a very good cause.

Here is a baby blanket from Maria,

And an Afghan for the Afghan drive, the
last one she said. So beautiful!

Sue is working on some of those hot coffee cup cozies for the sale,
and she donated a couple of baby hats. Lovely!

Pat crocheted another one of her favorites, a Tiger baby blanket for our next raffle. We may start this one at the festival, so look for us!!
It is gorgeous!!

And here is a baby blanket she knitted, it's done in strips. Love the colours. Also for the fundraiser.

Ulrika is a new member, and she is very excited creating new stuff for the festival and for our charity. This is a beautiful baby blanket for a boy or girl.

Here she is showing another blanket in a lovely orange colour.

This is one of her creations a wine bag, with a strawberry teem that holds four bottles.

And this shopping bag for the fundraiser table.
I love them.
She is hoping to have a few more for July 2nd.

These two baby tops were knitted up by Kathy, she used a beautiful white cotton and added a strawberry teem. They are gorgeous!

Thank you ladies for working on these items for the Festival. Great team work.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Here we are at the Richmond hill festival, and every thing was going well, every one having fun and you guessed it RAIN!! Well I was not too impress with the pouring rain off and on, so the sales were not what I expected. It seems as though every time we decide to take part in an outside event it rains.
We have one more event to do and hopefully this one works for us. The Stouffville Strawberry Festival July 2nd. hope to see you all there.
Here are some pictures from the Festival.

Betty finished this beautiful baby blanket and donated it for the fundraiser.

The table full of great stuff.

The girls having a chat, and knitting away.

And a few more pics.

Thank you all for taking time from your family and the weekend to help out, it is very much appreciated.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Well I am sure you are all enjoying the warmer weather, it's been long coming. I can not wait to get out and soak up the fresh air and sunshine, I just love it so enjoy every minute of it.

Now a little bit of crafting, we had a small group this month in Markham, and here are a few things that were donated.

This blanket I used a new stitch from the crochet stitch book I have, and it turned out pretty good if I may say so myself. The name of the stitch is call staggered shells.

This beautiful blanket and hat Liz knitted.

And here is a lovely hat from Madge,

also a gorgeous granny square blanket.

And look at these two lovely baby jackets done by Barb.
I just love them.

Thank you Ladies for taking your Sunday after noons to volunteer for a good cause.