Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Hello every one, just to let you know that I am back at the Stouffville meeting as off January, so you are more than welcome to join a group of knitter/crocheters to have a fun afternoon, talking about what ever you choose to talk about. Every one add a great time at the last meeting and there was no gossiping. that's not  the reason we joined this group.

Now here are some beautiful baby blankets that Pat D crocheted.
this is one of them,

I love the colours in this one,

and this is a

Now this blanket and christening blanket and dress, Pat made especially for Casting Off The Cold for our fundraising. It is gorgeous !!!

Here is a close up of the blanket,

and here is Pat showing off the dress. Thank you so much Pat.

From Christine, a beautiful red baby blanket.

From Monica, this colorful hat and scarf set.

and another set she is modeling.

From Jane, a hat and scarf set,

 And Margaret knitted these beautiful hats and a scarf to go with.

Well thank you ladies and happy knitting.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Here are some lovely stuff from the Markham group.

From Monica, these two crochet hats.

Some hat and scarf sets from Jane.

Christine's  hat and scarf sets and the red one she used a leaf pattern to make it up. Looks great.

A beautiful baby blanket, look like an eyelet pattern.

This one is the waffle pattern, love it.

And this blanket she used three different stitches to knit it up. Turned out great!

From Sharon, a couple of hat and scarf sets and a cute baby jacket.

Here are couple of blankets from Shelina, one red and white check,

and a yellow, blue and white blanket. beautiful!

Lot and lots of preemie hats from Audrey,

and all these baby hats are from the Cedarcrest Manor Senior knitting group.

and some more from the senior's group.

From Madge, hats and a scarf.

More stuff from the seniors, head bands. Good stuff ladies.

This beautiful blanket Madge crocheted.

Barb knitted this blanket, love the colors.

And from Liz two lovely baby sweaters.

And some baby wash cloths.

This blanket I used the honeycomb stitch.

Hats, hats and more hats from a donor, dropped off at Candlelight and Memories in Stouffville.

And a few scarves.
Thank you all for your beautiful work and for supporting  casting off the cold.