Monday, July 23, 2018

Amica at Unionville July Donation

The ladies at Amica are continuing to knit busily for Casting Off the Cold. Thanks again for your support for our group.
Long cowls Monica made from our heavier
yarn. They can wind twice around the neck to be very snuggly!

A couple of crocheted cowls, one with
a matching headband.

A long blue cowl and a hat
from Monica.

Two cowl and hat sets. These cowls can
also wind twice around to be nicely cosy.

Jane made a very lightweight summer baby blanket.

A blanket of a different stripe from Monica. These stripes were
changed in the rows rather than at the ends.

Christine made a set of a hat and a
coat scarf that can be buttoned closed.

Sunday, July 22, 2018


Five beautiful baby blankets from Georgia. 
Thank you Georgia! They will keep lots of babies warm this winter.

Monday, July 16, 2018


I am always amazed to is what the members bring each month. I can tell that they are enjoying working on their projects. Such beautiful work handed in every time. 

Here is a beautiful orange and white blanket from Christine.

Also from Christine this lovely purple girl's blanket.

This an amazing pattern, turned out great Christine.

And from Kathy, this beautiful baby jacket, as always.

This one of my favorite stitch, The side way shell stitch. Looks great Marg. 

And here is another one from Marg. Great job!

Hat and scarf set from Mardge.

Chemo hats from Beth, for hats for hope.

Here is an afghan from Beth for 360 KIDS, Love the colours.

And this one too! beautiful ! From Beth.

Another afghan from Beth, great colours for an guy.

I have to say that i enjoyed working on this blanket and love using this border. 
Thanks every one and keep up the great work. love them all.