Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Here are some of the members from the Markham/ Stouffville group, at the BAND STAND in Unionville 
showing off what they do to give back to the community. Lots of beautiful things were in the works for our fall donation. Yes we knit all year round just to be able to donate as many items we can.
This summer we will try to be out and about, Markham, Unionville, or Stouffville.
so next time you see us out their, please join us for a good cause. 
We are looking forward to seeing some new faces.

Monday, June 10, 2013


At the Markham Immigrant Youth Centre, some of the youths are learning to knit and they are always so happy to donate some of their work to Casting off the cold.
Here are just a few items from them, cowls, a couple of scarves and a hat. Great job and thank you so much.

Here we have loads of hat and scarf sets from Bev and company from Richmond Hill. Liz's friend.
Lots for ladies, men and for the young ones too.
Thanks Bev for all your lovely sets.

Another donor from Richmond Hill, is Marie Clubine. This year she has sent us lots of scarves,

a few crochet scarves,

a couple of frilly scarves,


and this cute fleece blanket,

and another fleece,
so cute, a baby dress,

baby hats and they are sooo soft!

Preemie hats,

fleece blanket,

and this beautiful baby blanket,

and another blanket for a boy,

just one more. Thanks Marie.
To all of you who knit/crochet at home and donate your beautiful work for those in need, we thank you all so much and just to let you know, every thing we receive from you is always appreciated. Keep up the good work.

Monday, June 3, 2013


What a great turn out for the Markham meeting! As you can see we have a lot of stuff to show and it is always good to see those of you who were away for the winter. Welcome back!
Here are some hat and scaf sets from Marianne.

Monica knitted up some sets also and a couple of cute baby hats.

The Senior's group that Mary runs has done it again, lots of beautiful stuff to show.
Colourful cowls,
 lots of baby hats,

a baby blanket, lovely colours,

and this is Mary's baby blanket ans she also used the knotted openwork stitch for this one. I love the border on it.Gorgeous!

One of the ladies knitted this blanket and the stitch is angles wings. Love it!

A colourful baby blanket from Christine,

and another lovely Afghan.

From Sharon, hat and scarf sets,

and a beautiful baby blanket.

Lovely baby blanket from Nayana,

and a chemo hat with a baby hat.

Well Paramjett has been working all winter and here is all the beautiful baby stuff to show.
Baby set,

another set,

and this blanket she used the stitch mountain and trees. It turned out great!

and another blanket,

one more,

and a baby wrap,

another blanket, all so beautiful.

This is a very usual pattern that Barb knitted, love the look.

Beautiful baby blanket from Liz,

and another.

This vest was donated by some one from Richmond Hill,

and this sweater,
 also a scarf.
I love days like this one, it gives you a good feeling. Thank you Ladies for all the wonderful stuff. Great job.


We are always looking for feed back, so if you have a comment please leave one. it will be greatly appreciated.
Here are a few items from the Stouffville group.Hat and scarf sets fro Christine.

And this beautiful Afghan.

Kathy used up some of her left over yarn to make this lovely jacket. It look great!

what a gorgeous baby set from Kathy.

Bug hats also from Kathy. Cute.

Another gorgeous baby set from Pat,

and this baby blanket.

The stitch pattern for this blanket is the knotted openwork stitch. It is very easy to do and you can find it on new stitch of the day.
Well done ladies and thank you as always for your wonderful work.