Sunday, April 29, 2012


I was totally blown away by the number of members that turned up for the Oshawa meeting today. Eleven In all and lots more to show up for the next meeting. They are all ready to dedicate some time to craft up some beautiful stuff for those in need. The response from all of them, was that they were waiting for some thing like this for a while.
I also had good feeling about this, and it turn out the way I expected.
Anne you are going to have a great time running this group.

Here is a picture of the group and two of our Stouffville members.

Here is Maria showing some of the blankets she worked on and finally found a place to donate them to.


and this one,

and a few hats. And all so beautiful.
 Here is a blanket that Sue crochet, lovely!
 And here she is, showing another blanket.
 This one is just beautiful,
 and this one,
 wow there is more!
 Another, great job Sue.
 Here is Carol, also was looking for a place to donate all the lovely work her and her mom work on.
So here she is showing all these beautiful blankets ,
 here is another,
 and another one,
 one more,
 and there is more!
 one more,
 two more. Beautiful Carol.
 Now from Carol's mom, lovely things for the little ones, a vest and a hat,
 two kitty hats,
 and lots more on the table, thank you so much for your beautiful work ladies.
 This is sheila, telling us about her knitting experience  for the first time and guess what she made, those mitts in her hand. good job!
 Lots more from Sheila.
 Ulrika showing this beautiful blanket.
 And here i am showing a baby blanket using the box stitch.
 And Monica showing some items from Annamarie, hat and scarf,
 and a baby blanket.
 And of course Anne, with her gorgeous Afghans,
 And a baby blanket,
 another Afghan,
 I love this one.

Well that was a lot of stuff  for the first meeting. thank you all for your generous donations and for being a part of Casting off the Cold.

Friday, April 27, 2012


These are some lovely items for our knit at home members, that were picket up from the knitters Attic.
I am always surprise to see what we receive from all these member.

Here is a beautiful sweater,
A scarf,

and this lovely sweater.
A shawl, very warm and soft.
Here are some  beautiful blankets from Marie from Richmond Hill,
and another,
another one,
and another,
and another one.
These beautiful hats are also from one of our knit at home members.
Thank you all for your wonderful work and time. We do appreciate every thing you can donate.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


At the Stouffville meeting in April, the raffle  for the quilt was drawn and the winner is Sonja Plunket . She was happy to hear the good news and said the it will work out great for her cottage.
This months meeting was held at my home, due to a mix up at the Legion. any way it worked out fine because those who attended was from Unionville . Small group and we had a lot of fun.

We will be joining Anne in Oshawa for her first meet. I will let you know how it turns out.

So here are the members show and tell.
Monica has finished the Tulip blanket she was working on, in cotton yarn. It is soft and the colours works well. Looks great Monica!
This beautiful blue blanket for a boy, was knitted by Jane, a new member from Unionville. She is hiding behind the blanket.
 Christine is showing one of her many sweaters she made, this one in pink,

 ans look at this one with little bunnies. So cute.
 This one with hearts,
 another one with a bunny,
 and ducks,
 and another bunny. They are all adorable!

 This blanket must of taken you a while to finish. It is beautiful!
Here are a couple of  Angel pocket that Donna crocheted.
And this gorgeous dress,
and another one, I just love them.
Also a little jacket, hat and booties.
And from me, a baby blanket,

and the last afghan with wool blend yarn.
some more summer hats.

Well that's all for now and thank you all for doing such amazing work.