Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Starting off the year pretty good. Here are some wonderful blankets from Christine. She loves knitting up dish cloth blankets, using up odd balls or ends of yarn. I love the colour combination in all of them.

These are from a new member Barb, Preemie hat and bootee set.

Preemie blankets, all beautiful.

Thanks Barb for your lovely work.

Another new member, Beth knitted this lovely hat and scarf set. Beautiful colours.

A baby blanket and hat.

Hat, scarf and mitt set a boy.

another hat and scarf set. Thanks Beth, beautiful work!

From Kathy, a hat and mitt set. Blue for a guy!

And this gorgeous kid's sweater.

Another blanket from me, using up my coordinates yarn.
Thank you all for all the wonderful items to start the new year rolling.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015



Markham first meeting for 2015 and considering the weather we had a great turn out. Yes it is very cold out there and you know on cold days like this, makes me want to get my knitting/crocheting out and get cracking. So I can make some thing warm for those in need. 
Here a few blankets i have been working on to raise fun for our charity. This one I had a photo of the pattern and could not fine the instructions for it. low and behold, i was on pinterest one day and I found it. Could not wait to start it and here it is. I have no name for the pattern. I love the way it turned out, so i will be making another one soon.

And this one I used  the cray stitch . I really like working with is stitch, easy and fast.

Monica finished her Afghan and it look great! This is for her home.

Lovely baby blanket from Sharon.

Two scarves from Nayana.

From Siobhan, this beautiful cowl.

This scarf Sharon made using some squares I gave her, looks good Sharon!!
Well ladies, thanks again for your wonderful work. Keep up the good work!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


This year started out great! We received two huge donation this week and I am waiting for a couple more donations to arrive. This lot we received 100 scarves with many other items. It greatly appreciated and I am sure those receiving them will appreciate them more. 

This is a hoody preemie blanket 

Beautiful cardigan,

Lovely Afghan,

Baby blanket,

Shawl, love the colour!

Another blanket, interesting stitch.

Baby blanket,


25 hats on the table,

And the 100 scarves, I could not take a picture of them all, so I had to make up sets of colour combination so you can see each scarf.

I remember in the first year I started casting off the cold, one of my members did this scarf. beautifully done who ever did this one.

Continuing with the scarves.

A preemie blanket.
Well who ever sent in this donation i would like to thank you for work hard work and time, giving back to the community. Please email me at so I can get a little info from you.