Tuesday, March 16, 2010


WOW! What great weather I love it! I am sure most of you are out side enjoying this wonderful weather, I hope so!
The March get together turned out great, with two new members and a lot of stuff, 201 items total! Thank you all for such a great turn out and all the wonderful stuff.

Here is Libby, one of the new members, knitting a scarf,

and here are a few items she donated.

These are from a friend of Liz.

And these lovely mitts are from Liz.

Lots of hats and scarves from Kim,

and a blanket.

Look at all these baby items from Pat 2 !

A few bereavement blankets and two baby blankets from me.

Another bereavement blanket from Monica.

Here are hats and hats from Tracy,
and some scarves.

Here is Rita a new member, showing
a first crochet hat and she did a great job.

Good to see you Jessie, what a beautiful sweater she knitted.

Lots of bereavement Pouches from Nayana, and blankets and hats.

and a few scarves.

Barb used up some fun yarn and knittied up some mitts,and some hats and scarves.

This large Afghan is from Madge's Mom. thank yo so much.

And lots of hats and scarves.

And lots of socks.

Here some hats and scarves from Madge.

Here is margaret showing the baby blanket, she knitted.
And did a good job at it.

And Jane, lovely hats and scarves.

Great job every one, if we keep this up we will make our goal for this year.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


These sweaters were donated by Cathy Rumph from North York. They were all knitted by her, and her Mom, and the work on each sweater is amazing!!

The members at Casting off the Cold will like to thank you, for your donation of yarn and these beautiful sweaters. They will definitely keep some one warm in the cold winter months.

Click on the photo to check out the details on each one.