Friday, June 24, 2016


Hello every one, just to let you know, that we will be needing a lot more blankets to donate in October 2016.  So if you are thinking of donating this year, please keep us in mind. We need all sizes from preemie to toddlers. All sizes are on the web.

So Christine is knitting up a storm again, here are some baby blankets from her.A beautiful strip with lovely colours.

Here she is one of her own designs.

Another strip blanket for a toddler.

Surprise, surprise!! from Kathy knitted some scarves for hat from the seniors group.

So cute! This lovely jacket from Kathy.

And what a beautiful surge for a little girl.

This jacket is also from Kahty.

From Marg a cowl for a hat from the senior's group.

Another one of her favorite pattern for a baby blanket.

And a beautiful afghan for 360 KIDS form Marg.

Very interesting pattern. Beautifully done by Beth.

This is also a lovely lace pattern.

Beth did an amazing job with this one. I love it.

Thank you all so much for all the great work you have done for casting off the cold and your time.

Monday, June 13, 2016


A donation from Nordstrom, hats, berets and head bands.
That Mary's daughter brought in. 

From Barb, this beautiful blanket.

I love the colours in this blanket, from Mary.

Mary 2 knitted this lovely baby hat.

Hats from Joan, lovely colours.

Also from Barb, hats.

These were also donated by Nordstrom, Faux fur cowls.

This beautiful blanket is from Gita.

Also this one with a baby hat.
 And another.

This one too!!. All beautiful!

 Baby sweaters from Liz. So cute!

And this basket weave blanket, also from Liz. Lovely.

Blanket from Brenda 2. Beautiful!

This one is from Christine. Beautiful!

Some more of Christine's blankets.

Here is another.

And another.

Interesting scarf from Jane.

Hat and scarf sets from Monica.

From the Marleigh Group, hat and scarf sets from Anne

And from Christine .

This blanket was donated unfinished and I finally got to it and really love the way it turned out.

I loved working with this one. Very easy pattern.
Well that's all for now. As always thanks you all for your wonderful work and your time.

Sunday, June 5, 2016


Thanks Fonda, for these beautiful blankets. They will definitely keep some babies warm next winter.