Thursday, September 20, 2012


I am sure that you are feeling the chill in the air, especially first thing in the morning and late evening.  Great time to sit back and get the needles and hooks working.
The need for warm clothing is always in need and getting larger each year. We need more people to take part in this great cause. Please take a few minutes to make some thing warm for those in need. It will be greatly appreciated.
Now there are a few things from the Stouffville group. 

Pat knitted this beautiful pink butterfly blanket.

Here is a crochet scarf from Donna,

and a gorgeous baby blanket and jacket set.

Here are three beautiful blankets from Billie,

the second baby blankets.

The third one,

And a sweater.

Hat and scarf set from Ulrika.

From Christine, lots of hat and scarf sets. 

Here are the two surprise jacket with the buttons on from Barb.

Thank you all for your wonderful work.

Monday, September 17, 2012


We are getting very close to our donation day, which will be around the third week of October. This year we have decided to drop off to the charity organizations. We have not had good luck getting every one at the same time for pick up, so I think this is the best way to go. 
we are still collecting stuff, so if you have any thing to drop off to any of our drop off venues, please don't forget to label it for casting off the cold.
Well their some great items from the group,

Scarves from Sharon,

and a hat and scarf set, with some lovely mitts.

Look at this gorgeous baby jacket and booties.

and a baby blanket from a friend of Nayana's.

This a wonderful blanket Nayana crocheted.

And a hat and scarf set.

These lovely hat and scarf sets are from Madge.

And Liz has been very busy as you can see, two baby tops, hats , a baby blanket and cocoon.

Hat and scarves from Sue.

Lots of hat and scarf sets fro Billie and Pat.

Hat and scarf from Ulrika,
And a beautiful baby blanket.

 Here are some wonderful hat and scarf sets from Christine.

And a beautiful sweater,
Also a baby blanket.

and another one, just gorgeous!

And from Barb, a hat ans scarf.

Also from Barb, two beautiful baby surprise jackets. love the colours.

Sorry I have not been able to show more work, but I am working on a couple of afghans, so this is all I had this time. Scarves and the hats will come later.

Lots more hat and scarf sets from Liz's friend and more to come.

Great work very one and thank you for all your hard work.