Thursday, November 19, 2015


November 17 Diane picked up the donation for Project Linus. As you can see very happy to receive the 40 blanket for the hospital.

this is at Rose of Sharon with Leah and Monica, and Leah had one of  youth's baby on her lap. So cute! They received many blankets and baby items.

Here at the Women Centre, I was showing Kate what some of the ladies knit for the little ones. We dropped off lots of hat and scarf sets and kids items.

Here I am with Esther at Sunrise Pregnancy & Family Support Service in Uxbridge. 
Donated Baby blankets and will be sending up some baby hats soon.

We also dropped off a bag of baby blankets to Markham-Stouffville Pregnancy Centre in Markham, on November 17. I am finally finished for this year and we are already working  on stuff for 2016. 15 Afghans for 360 Kids.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Well we finally wrapped up thinks for 2015. These are the last lot of items for me to collect and add to the bags for donation.

Here are some scarves that were knitted by students from Emily Lannan class of 2014-15. Great job girls.

This blanket is so adorable! From Madge.

Also from Madge, a hat and scarf set and two baby hats.

Beautiful blanket fro Christine, lovely colours.

And this one also.

This one too! Beautiful colours.

And here is another blanket from Christine.

This one for a toddler.

From Marianne, this beautiful blanket,

and she used a basket weave stitch for this one.
A few scarves from Marianne.

Hat and scarf sets from Monica.

And this lovely blanket.

Marg knitted this set, love the colours in the scarf.

And this beautiful blanket.

The pattern for blankets, heirloom baby blanket from Lion Brand.

This blanket I used a pattern I got from free crochet
the pattern is Boy Wrapper.
Thanks again to all, for your help and for all the wonderful work you have done. Great job every one!!

Monday, November 9, 2015


Here we are at Yellow Brick House and we dropped off three large bags of goods, that were hand crafted  by Casting off The Cold members and On line members and from those who just wanted to help those in need.

 Monica and I showing a few items.

At 360 Kids, we also dropped off three large bags of goods.Here is the staff, Monica and I.
 And at Krasman Centre, we deliver two large bags of hat and scarf set, for their out reach program. sorry I did not get the bags in the picture.

We walked away feeling so good to see the appreciation from every one.

From Kim

The last two baby blankets to add to one of the bags.These are both crocheted with cotton yarn. beautiful Kim.

Thank you Kim.

Friday, November 6, 2015


Here I am sorting and packing each bag for the charities they are going to. Lots work  making sure every charity receive what they need. I am hoping to deliver all of this some time next week.The charities this year,
Rose of Sharon, Yellow Brick House, The Women Centre, Pathway-360, Pregnancy Centre, Project Linus, Sunrise Serves, Kraman Centre.

Well this is what my living/dining area looks like right now. I takes a while to get all of together, sorting and match up the goods, so they go to the place in need. I am almost finish, I hope to get the last bag done this week end.

I the future I would like to receive more hat and scarf sets, if you are donating to us. This will make the job a lot easier. Thank you in advance.


This year we received so many scarves and hats that did not match, so i ask the members if they can make some hats in solid colours, to match the scarves. So it worked and these are the last three that I knitted..

Here is a baby blanket and hat from Madge. Pretty colours.

Christine knitted 20 hats for me. Good job Christine.

And from Nayana, these hats.

Beautiful sweater Sharon.

More hats from Paramjeet,

and this lovely baby blanket.

And here is another from Paramjeet.

This is also a beautiful blanket from Paramjeet.

And another.

This blanket, will keep some baby warm this winter. From Gita,

And a few hats also from Gita.

Love the colours here, Preemie blanket from Gita.
Thank you all for such great work and also for your time.