Wednesday, May 23, 2018


Great meeting in Stouffville, lots of wonderful items donated.

These two blankets are just great colours for a boys, from Christine.

And this one too!
OMG what beautiful booties,

Lots of baby hats,

and three beautiful cardigan and hat sets all from Linda Mcgowan's Aunt.

From Kath this lovely cardigan for a girl.

And here is a cute one for a boy,

another one for a girl, lovely colour.

Kathy used up scraps for this one. Looks great!

From Beth, amazing!

Love the earthy tone in this one.

Afghan for 360 KIDS from Beth.

Great colours for the boy, also for 360 KIDS from Beth.

Here is another afghan for 360 KIDS from Beth.

I just had to make a messy bun hat, so here is one of the couple I made.

This blanket i sued the pattern for the ( 6 day blanket pattern) I really enjoyed crocheting it, so I think i will make another.

You will see a few blanket from me that I could not get the pattern. So I figured out the pattern and It turned out pretty good If I may say so!
Thanks to all for your amazing work and keeping Casting off the Cold doing what they love best. Helping those in need.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018


 Great day with the members today, every one in a good mood. Knitting/Crocheting, chatting, having tea and cookies. And showing off their beautiful work. 

 Here is a blanket that Joan knitted.. It Prince Charles Baby blanket pattern, she found in a book. What a great job she did.

And from Sharon, these hat and scarf sets with a pair of mitts. Beautiful work sharon.

Of course from Christine, some amazing hat and scarf sets.

Also from Christine, Three beautiful blankets.

There are some lovely hat and scarf sets from Barb.

This amazing blanket is from Debbie, I love the colour combination she used. It gives it a three D effect. And this done with baby blanket yarn, you know that soft cuddly yarn.

And from Mary, a boys blanket, Mary used the Waffle pattern for this.  Beautiful!

More hat and scarf sets from Madge, Fro the Guys.
 This blanket is also from Madge, This is amazing. Love the colours. She has done quite a few of these blankets in different colours. Beautiful!!

Here are a couple of hat and scarf sets from Sally.

This blanket, I had to used this bright variegated  yarn I had whit the white and I love the way it turned out.

An Afghan for 360 KIDS also from me.
 Well done every one, Every item so cheerful and happy happy. Thank you all so much.