Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Casting Off The Cold has already started to donate in 2011. We donated 20 preemie blankets made by our members, to Project Linus on April 14 2011. And will be adding lots more later on.
Thank you so much Tracy for delivering it for us.


These colourful hats we dropped off at Candlelight and Memories, our drop off points in Stouffville. They are so cheerful!!
Thank you Pat for accepting all our drop offs, we appreciate very much.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Her we are is Stouffville again, and we had two new member joined in so now the Stouffville group is up to ten member. That is amazing, we started in September 2010 and this April 2011. Since this group is growing fast we are looking for a place in Richmond Hill to start a Chapter there.
I checked out the main library today and will have a look at the other two next week. I hope one will work for us. I would let you know where and when.

Now here are the many items from Stouffville.

This V stitch scarf is from Sue,

and here is a beautiful Afghan Sue is showing.
The colours work well together.

Also a gorgeous baby blanket from Sue.

Here is a beautiful peach hat scarf set Siobhan knitted.

Jone is a new member and she is working on a scarf.

There is Connie working on squares for a blanket.

Kathy is another new member and she is also working on a scarf.

This blanket I crocheted, It turned out OK I think. I did not get the sides as straight as I wanted, may next time I will. I found the pattern on the Lion Brand web site, and the pattern name is Wind Chime Afghan. If any one is interested in crocheting it.

Now for the fleece Tracy mentioned on her blog.
Tracy found her fleece bin and as you can see, she went nuts with it.

She edge the fleece choosing the right colour to complement the pattern on the fleece.

This # 3




and this one is the last piece of this fleece that was donated to us. I wish we can get some more, the colours are great!








#14 They are all lovely!

Here Tracy is showing a granny square blanket.
I love the colours.

And a crazy stitch preemie blanket and the blue and yellow goes so well.
Great job Tracy!!

Donna is showing this gorgeous baby blanket,

and two beautiful baby jackets.

This baby blanket is from Pat, love the colours,

and this gorgeous baby dress in peach is also from Pat.

Now a few more baby blankets from Connie's mom Josie,
this one she used the double cross stitch. it is beautiful!

And another,

also this one,

and two lovely scarves.

Thank you so much Josie.

Christine said that this is the first time she has ever attempt to knit a baby blanket. And I think that she has done a good job at it.

These two are from Christine.
Beautiful colours.

This blanket was donated to us from Donna who lives in Richmond Hill. I had to finish it off with the light blue.
Thank you very much.

Thanks to all the member for your hard work and time.

A special thanks from the members of Casting Off The Cold to the Manager and Staff at the Knitters Attic, for accepting our donations for us. It is greatly appreciated.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Here are some beautiful hat and scarf sets from Bev and her friend. All great colours and very warm. Thanks Bev!

Two scarves from Marie

and this Afghan, I had to fold it in two to take the picture.
All the blankets you are going to see below is also from
Marie. This blanket will work well on a double bed, it's that large.

Most of them are crochet except this one,
it is knitted with a beautiful border.

Marie made them all over the pass year and will be happy to send us some more, when she gets some time.

Thank you so much Marie!!