Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Hello every one, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, lots to eat and drink with your friends and family. And I wish you all a healthy and prosperous NEW YEAR.

I do miss our meetings, but I know it will be soon, looking forward to seeing you and hope you all have lots to show.With all the free time we had.I have a few things and I am working on a baby blanket ( Eegore ) for my great nephew. Hope it turns out good, wish me luck.

For those of you who would like to join us, please feel free to join in at any time at the Markham or Stouffville group. You are all welcome and don't forget that it only takes one item from every one to make a huge difference in our community. So get those needles and hokes out with a ball of yarn and get cracking. Click-a-t-click ladies!!!

Markham meeting for 2015 will be this Sunday 4th, see you then and happy knitting/Crocheting.


Tuesday, December 16, 2014


This scarf is gorgeous! It is very long so I fold it for the picture.

Lovely hat and scarf set for a kid.

A baby blanket.

hat and cowl set.

Kid scarves and so soft.
 Wow so many booties and they are so cute!

Thanks Eugenia for all these beautiful stuff.

Sunday, December 7, 2014


I just received these gorgeous blankets from Diane.


Thanks you so much Diane, beautiful work. love them.


From Hazel all these beautiful knitted baby blankets.
This one will work well for a toddler, it is very soft and cozy.

So is this one and also will work for a toddler.
 And the rest are baby blanket and a hat to go with.

The rest of the items are from Brenda. This one is a poncho,

A beautiful prayer shawl.

Very interesting Shawl,

Hand warmer and scarf,

This one is shrug,

Wow look at this sweater, lots of work went into this one.

Another prayer shawl,

a baby blanket,
 and a cardigan,

 this shawl is made with ribbon and it is very thick, so it will keep some one very warm.

these were also made with ribbon.

Another prayer shawl,

and a kids hat.

Fun fur shawl,

and scarves,

Some beautiful hats from a donor.
Thank you all so much for generous donation. Have a Merry Christmas and all the best for The New Year.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

These pictures are great! Almost as great as all the knitted goods you donated J The youth loved them! Thank you so much for another great year and donation to 360°kids! It is much appreciated!

All the best,

Brittany Wilson
Resource Development Associate
80F Centurian Drive, Suite 206

Markham, ON L3R 8C1


I am so sorry I have remiss in not responding.  You wouldn’t believe it, but all of the donations were scooped up the first week!  Our mothers love the fact  someone has taken the time to knit all of the hats, scarves, mitts and afghans.   Please thank your members for their continued support and the beautiful handcrafted items received.  They are always appreciated and I hope we can continue with this wonderful partnership with Casting off the Cold!

With Deep Appreciation,

Sharon Baillie,
Coordinator, Administration,
Women’s Centre of York Region,
120 Harry Walker Parkway North,

L3Y 7B3. 


Yes, all is well here, thank you. It is really starting to pick up at the agency as we are prepping baskets that will be picked up by our families on December 18th. Thank you again for dropping off all of the knitted items, particularly the blankets. We cover each basket with a blanket and historically speaking, we need anywhere between 140-170 blankets each year.
So, the blankets you provided are an absolute help. With Casting Off The Cold and a few others, we always seem to be able to give a homemade blanket to each family.

Your group has been so supportive to us over the past few years - at least 6 now I think (if my memory serves me well). I cannot thank you enough for the kindness, time and energy you put into organizing this service in our community. I know Rose of Sharon is just one of many agencies you support each year. If you haven't already received a formal note of thanks from us to share with the others, you will.  What you donate to us is absolutely perfect so no need to change a thing! :-)  We are truly appreciative of all that you have and continue to do for us.

Kind thanks for checking in. I wish you a wonderful holiday season!


Melissa Robinson
Development Manager
Rose of Sharon Services for Young Mothers