Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Hi every one ! We have gotten over the worst of the winter and almost at the end of January, lets hope we will have a better February. Keep your fingers cross. I bet lots of you were working on some thing warm for your self or for some one in need. I did, made lots of cowls and baby blankets, It just made the time go by so fast so you have no time to think about the cold.
Keep warm and keep knitting/crocheting those wonderful things to keep a needy person warm. I would also like to thank all of you for your donations in 2013, we made it just in time for the bad weather.
Her are some thing from the Stouffville group,
This blanket is one of many I received unfinished. I had about six row to get it done and hoped that I had enough yarn to do so. Here it is done and looks good.

This one I made for my great nephew in Winnipeg. It is crocheted and I use the crochet cable stitch, and it turned out great! I love it! I hope will too!

These are some of the cowls I worked on in December, using up the fun furs and Boa yarn.

Her are a couple of cowls I used the broom sick lace stitch. I put three different types of together and I love the way it looks. I really enjoyed crocheting these and will be making some more. You should try it you would see how much fun I had with it.

Now on to the others, here are some of Christine's scarf and hat sets and as usual so well done.

And a baby blanket,

and another, this one I love the design the yarn gave it. Looks great Christine.

Lots of hat and scarf sets from Monica.

This sweater and hats are from Sharon. Cool!

Sharon put this blanket together with some squares I gave her and this is what she came up with. Great combination of colours.

Now from the senior knitting group, beautiful infinity scarves,

and this lovely blanket is from Joan,

and another,


another one. Thanks Joan wonderful work.

Squares put together by the senior's group. Good job!

and a couple of hats and scarf.

Another blanket,

and this one I love the colours!

The ladies from the senior's group love knitting up hats for the little ones. So many!

Now look at this! so many preemie hats and booties.

More baby hats.

Kathy love knitting baby sweaters, here are a couple that she donated. Don't you love them!

From Madge this lovely blanket.

Also from Madge a hat and scarf set. Cute.

Nayana knitted this scarf,

She crocheted this never ending blanket. Makes my eyes cross but I love it.

And here is another.

What a neat blanket pattern Nayana! Looks good.

From Erma, this beautiful quilt,

and two preemie blankets and hats. Thanks Erma.
Thanks again every one for your great work.

Sunday, January 5, 2014


I would like to thank every one for your generous donations in 2013 and for making it possible for us to be able to provide warm clothing for those that needed it most. In York Region we are finding more and more charities asking for clothing, like baby sweaters, jackets, buntings, blankets for babies, older kids and Afghans for adults. So this year we will concentrate on these items. Hats and scarves are always in need. Hopefully 2014 will bring us a lot more of these items.

Sorry about the set back on Facebook and Ravelry, we will be updating them soon so feel free to check us out and have a chat. Upload some of your Favrite projects or patterns you may want to share. We love hearing from you so leave your comments on our blog.

I wish every one a healthy and prosperous 2014.

Keep warm, be happy and keep working on those projects.