Friday, June 12, 2015


 Two new members joined the Markham group, Yasnoda and Raji and we also had a surprise from Paramjeet. After a year she joined us and with her was a lot of items to donate. Great I love it!

Now here is a scarf from Sharon.

From the Cedarcrest Manor Senoir's group, Mary crocheted this baby wrap blanket, beautiful!

Here is another beautiful blanket from Mary.

Hats fro Miranda and Luranda
And from Joan this lovely blanket,

also a few hats from Joan.

and from Barb, these hats,

and of course hat for the babies and a pair of leg warmers.

from Christine the lovely blanket,

and this one too! I love the colours.

Here is Madge sowing off the beautiful blanket, that took her one months to finish. Love it.

This blanket is from Paramjeet, beautiful.

  And a scarf,

also a head band and a scarf,

more hat and scarf sets from Paramjeet.

Another blanket,

and another.

All interesting pattern stitch for her blankets.

I found this pattern on Pinterest and could not wait to give it a go. I just love the colours and I must say it is very easy to work up. I am going to make one in different colour blues and white. I hope it will show up as good as this one.
As always thank you all for your time and beautiful work. Goo bless.