Wednesday, July 13, 2016

July 2016 BBQ

Here we are in Monica's back yard having a few drinks, enjoying the great weather.

 From the left is Jane, Jen, Madge, Christine, Monica, Liz, Beth, and Nayana.

This one I joined in.

Here is Jen showing her beautiful work.

Hats and scarf sets from Madge.

This blanket is so beautiful Madge!! I love the colours.

Another afghan for 360 KIDS from Madge.

And from Nayana an afghan for 360 KIDS. Well done Nayana!!

That is an adorable jacket Liz.

Monica crocheted a scarf for this hat and also finished the booties that were donated unfinished.

Hat and scarf sets from Christine  from the Marleigh group. beautifully done.

And this one too!!

Here is Beth showing this lovely blanket. I love it.

And this one too!!
I think every one had a great time at the BBQ. And as always thank you all for your wonderful work and for keeping casting off the cold going. And I hope we can continue to this for a little while longer.