Sunday, December 16, 2018

Amica Unionville December meeting

Our final meeting for the year at Amica Unionville was a great success! All of our regular members were there for a great meeting. Thanks ladies for all of your donations at this meeting and throughout the year. We look forward to seeing you again in the New Year!

Another lovely baby blanket from Muriel

A baby blanket and hat from Barbara

A lovely lacy shawl from Cathy

Hat and scarves from Cathy in some great patterns
and colours

A few more scarves from Cathy in different

Another scarf and funnel from Cathy, and a cute pair of
baby booties from Lillian

Two hat and scarf sets from Christine

Hats from Monica to go with some of the scarves

Monday, December 10, 2018

Happy Holidays to All!

Now that the Holiday Season is upon us, we would like to sincerely thank everyone who has crafted and donated to Casting Off the Cold all year. Your time and talent are certainly appreciated, not only by us but also by the recipients of the lovely articles we give. When we dropped off our donations to the agencies in October, each one was so thrilled to get the hats, scarves, blankets and clothing, and many of the people we saw could not believe how talented our group of knitters is. They were so happy to be able to pass them on to the young adults, young mothers with babies and small children, and others who would benefit from wearing and using them, and wanted you to know that they are very much appreciated by everyone who receives them.

Thank you all so much, once again, for taking the time to knit and crochet for us. We wish you all a joyous Holiday Season with your families and a healthy, happy New Year.  See you in January!!