Tuesday, January 24, 2012


We have been having some unusual weather this winter, some days it is sooooo cold. I am sure you are covered  up with some thing warm and cozy. Well we have deiced to start an Afghan drive again for 2012. Would you like to help?  We need Afghans for twin size beds and some large blankets for 3 to 10 years of age. So get those needles and hooks out and start clacking in the tune of some thing warm to keep the needy cozy. 
You know we all get busy with our lives and  we forget that there are many people out their, who just need some one to care. So don't you think a blanket will show that you do!  
You can contact me to arrange pick up or drop off at any of our drop off points. don't forget to label your parcel to Casting Off The Cold and your contact information. Hope to hear from you soon.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Here we are in Stouffville at the Legion for our first meeting and what a turn out we had. The room is large and the chairs are really comfortable . You don't have to worry about the noise you make and we all had lots of fun chatting with one another. Look at every one busy doing what they love to do, knitting-crocheting beautiful clothing for those in need. Thank to Sue for finding this spot for us, it's a keeper.

Here you can see the whole group chatting away.                                                                                            

And another view of the group.

Monica modeling her hat and scarf set, lovely.

and Ulrika showing a lovely baby blanket.

This beautiful baby set, Ulrika knitted. so cute.

Pat this little jacket is beautiful!

And this lovely baby sleeper is so adorable!

Oh look at this dress just for a little one. I love it.

Another new member Nancy a friend of Pat's. Nancy is working on a kids sweater and she loves to work on baby stuff.

And here is Dona showing this lovely hooded baby blanket, so cute!

And here is another one.

Here she is showing another blanket, but i did not notice that they held it up the wrong side up. Well you can still see the beauty of it anyway. Love it.

What a gorgeous baby jacket,

and this blanket is amazing!

Look at these two baby outfits are so cute, you just feel like dressing up a baby.

Pat this kids sweater is just lovely!

Well Kathy, I just love this little shrug. It will look so great on a little girl.

And this cardigan is just adorable!

And this one too!

Sue you look so happy you are leaving this cold  for warmer weather. I wish it were me.
Love the hat and scarf set, it's perfect with the outfit you are wearing.

And this one too!

Sharon, this scarf is beautiful.

Here is Margaret Happy as usual.

Here she is modeling one of her hats.

This beautiful hat and scarf set, Margaret knitted. Just gorgeous!

As usual the knitting machine has done it again, lots of hat and scarves sets for kids. And all perfectly done.

This blanket  Christine knitted using pastel colours to to bring out the pattern, It looks great!

Here is Betty a new member, working on her project. Welcome Betty.

Thank you Ladies, you have done it again.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


These are some lovely baby clothing from Betty from Richmond Hill. She love knitting and I know that she would have a project on the go at all times. Even when she is out shopping with her family, she said that she would stand and knit while they are shopping. What dedication! I wish I could do that but I have know time.

Hats and mitts,

a few sweaters, beautiful.

And a couple of blankets.

Thank you so much Betty.

The rest of the items from here, was dropped off at Mary's Yarns in Unionville.

A shawl,

a few blankets,

lots of socks,

and mitts.

This blanket is far to small, so we will have to add to it. In the future please make the baby blankets at lease 20x20.

And another,


and many scarves.

This could be used as a lapgan.

And lots of scarves from Mary.

A beautiful sweater,


a shrug,

a sweater

and an Afghan.

Another scarf,

and a little jacket,

and a kid's sweater,

a cute vest,

and a blanket.

All so lovely! thanks to all for your donations and for helping to make a difference in York Region.