Monday, March 17, 2014


Christine; this is so beautiful!! I just love the colours. Good Job!
Stripe baby blanket.

And here is another blanket from Christine. Very interesting pattern.

Here are a few hats from Pat.

Some lovely tops and a hat from Nayana.

And another.

This little jacket and hat is from Donna,

A blanket from Nayana,

and a couple of scarves she knitted with her fingers.

Here is an Afghan I crocheted and I love the pattern. I am going to try the same pattern using baby yarn and hope it will be a lot softer.

A few cowls and head bands, from me.

Here are a couple of baby out fits donated by our on line members,

this is such an adorable out fit,

also two sweaters,

a baby blanket,

another sweater,

and hats!!!

From another online member lot of toques!!!
Thank you every one, it is fabulous to see that we are starting 2014 on a strong note.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Very good turn out today considering the weather is still lousy. Hopefully in a few weeks we will be shedding our heavy coats and in to some lighter wear. HA,HA ,HA.
now to what has be happening at the meetings.
Here you will see some interesting hat and scarf sets from Jane.

Monica is working on as many different hat and scarf sets for the rest of the winter. Here are some of them.

As usual Christine puts together some great colour combination for her hat and scarf sets.Lovely!

Here is a blanket from Christine,

and another, love the colours.

WOW so cute, from Sharon. She is going to make as many as she can for the little ones.

from Margaret, beautiful!!

One of our new members Lynn, gorgeous little tops.

and some baby sets, love the, well done Lynn.

These hat are very warm, Mary knitted them using up some fun fur.

Also from Mary.

Scarves donated from the Senior knitting group.

Lots of preemie hat and mitt sets to be donated to the hospital for their bereavement program.

Also from the senior's group, from Shellina. Beautiful!

Another new member Margaret,knitted this lovely blanket.
hat and scarf set from Margaret Y

Dish cloth blanket from Mary,

From Joan a crocheted blanket.

Two lovely sweaters from Mary.

This is such a soft and cuddly Afghan knitted all in one from Shiobhan. Good job.

Here is an interesting pattern for blanket that you can take with you any where.

This is the fold up version.It look like a hand bag.
Another great day, so many unusual things from every one. Many thanks to all, see you next time!!