Friday, October 29, 2010

Rose of Sharon Event

On Tuesday, October 26 Rose of Sharon held a 'get to know us' event, to show their appreciation for the help they receive from some of the organizations that donate time, money or useful items to their programs and to the young women who use Rose of Sharon's resources.

We were invited as one of the featured volunteer organizations. It is hard to believe that this marks the fifth year that we are donating to this wonderful cause! Nine of our members attended and were treated to a tour of the facility and more detailed information on what services Rose of Sharon provides.

The best part of the evening was hearing the story of one of the women who turned to Rose of Sharon when she needed help, and who is now helping in her turn. Jennifer, pictured with our group members and her son Nathan, is a true inspiration and model for how someone can carry on through a difficult situation with a little help from people who care, and come out stronger and more confident in their abilities and looking forward to the future.

We would like to thank Rose of Sharon for inviting us, for appreciating our donations as much as they all do, and especially for the work they have done in the community for over 25 years now. Here are some photos from our visit:

Members of Casting Off the Cold present the 2010 donation to Rose of Sharon. With us are Jennifer and Nathan.

Group members Siobhan, Jane, Monica and Margret

The director of Rose of Sharon receiving a donation from the local Rotary Club. The Rotary Club has been a long-time donor to Rose of Sharon and provides help with such things as funds for transportation so young mothers can get to the facility for programs. Hats off to them for their amazing support.

The family area at Rose of Sharon. It's like a big living room with a kitchen attached! Very welcoming and friendly.

Melissa, Rose of Sharon's community liaison, telling us about the Rose, their programs and successes.

The evening was a great opportunity to meet the people who make Rose of Sharon work, including the social workers and teachers who run both the programs and the high school classes. Young mothers who aren't able to go back to school full-time can get their credits through learning at Rose of Sharon. A great alternative to dropping out, and just one more way Rose of Sharon serves the specific needs of the community.
Thanks again, and keep up the great, great work! We're proud to be able to donate to such a worthwhile cause!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


On October 17 we had our second group meeting at the Sotuffville Library and I was very pleased to say that it has taken off the way I expected. Three new members on that day, so far six in all. that's a very good start.

We are still hoping to see more Teenage girls, Teens and Tween. So Hi there Moms, this is a great way for the little ones to learn a craft that will be useful to them in the future. Think of all the beautiful things they can make as gifts and for charity. I hope you will think about this and will sign them up for the next meeting.

By now I am sure you are all feeling the cold, so don't you think that you should bring out those knitting needle's and crochet hooks? Get those needles and some yarn and come down to the library on November 21 from 1pm to 3pm and make some thing warm to keep some one warm. Imagine how you will feel when you give some one a gift of warmth.

This is a beautiful blanket from Donna,

and here Donna is showing a gorgeous
baby dress.

Sandy is a new member, and she is working on a pair of socks. I think when Barb meets her they will have fun taking about knitting socks.

Here are a few more mitts from Liz.
I think she has mastered these by now.

And Margaret, working on a scarf.

Monica is modeling her hat and scarf

and these squares were put together by Monica. The colours worked well.

Another new member, Sue. She is showing a preemie blanket,
beautiful colours.

This Blanket, Tracy crocheted and I am sure it took her a while to finish it. There is a few different stitches in this one.

And this one you can see how amazing it is.

This is very pretty and also has a few stitches in it.

Lots a baby hat on the table from Tracy.

And a baby jacket and hat also from Tracy.

Here is Madge working on a toque,
and she finished it by the end of the meeting.

This gorgeous Afghan Anne crocheted,
and it will be donated to Pathways.


And this one is also going to Pathways for there youth program.

Again thanks to the Markham member for supporting the Stouffville group. Also for all your wonderful donations.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Here we are at the Markham Library, and our members are showing what they have made. It's getting closer to our donation dates, so I would like to ask every one out there to try your very best to help this cause. You know it only takes one item from you all and it will make a difference. So why not a hat or a scarf, even a baby blanket, it will make you feel soooooo good.

These Blankets are from Kim,

since she was not able to make it to the last meeting,
they were dropped off.

Lovely hat and scarf, also from Kim.

My dinning table is full of scarves,
from Rowena who is knitting at home for the group.

Kaysi finished the cross stitch blanket. She is doing wonderful for a beginner.

This blanket franka used two strands of baby yarn.

Here is Pavan showing a beautiful hat and scarf.

And lots more on the table.


This baby jacket was given to us unfinished and Monica put it together.

Monica made this blanket and hat for a friend.Looks good!

As usual a great hat and scarf from Monica.

Paramjeet also used two strands of baby yarn for this blanket and it feels so soft!

And many more hats and scarves on the table.

Lovely hat and scarf from Margaret.

Here are some socks and a gorgeous Afghan from Madge's Mom.

Madge modeling a bright pink scarf.

Here is the Afghan in full view.

I love it.

Two beautiful sets of hat and scarf
from Jane.

Thank you very much ladies again for all your hard work.