Thursday, August 25, 2016


Hi every one, hope you are all keeping cool. What a hot summer we have been having, can't do much in my garden, staying inside most of the times. I will have to get most of it done in the fall, so i am hoping it will be a good fall. Anyways so much for that.
Lets see what the Stouffville showed!!

These hats were donated and Christine knitted some scarves to match. They are perfect.

One of Christine's designs, Beautiful!

And here is another one. I love the colours.

This cute top is from Kathy.

Beth crocheted this blanket and will be entering it at the Markham fair. Wish her luck. It is beautifully done Beth. This blanket was crocheted with cotton yarn.

This one is for casting off the cold from Beth. Lovely!

Love the colours in this one, beautiful Beth!!

Also from Beth.

Beth used cotton for this one. I am always amazed to see what design variegated gives. They are all so different and interesting.

From Marg Hat and scarf  set.

This so pretty! from Marg.

Great colours for a boy  Marg.
As always great work and thank you all so, so much.

Sunday, August 14, 2016


Still looking for a place to donate your beautiful crafts!! Contact Sally at .
Here we are at the 20 Water Street. Markham showing our work for donation and I have to say that every one has been donating some wonderful work.

This blanket is from Joan, she did 2 of them but I took a picture of one. Beautifully done Joan.

These cowls are also from Joan.

 And these hats too!

Lovely blanket from Kaqih and this is here very first attempt knitting. Great job Kaqih.

Beautiful hats from a friend of Brenda.

Lovely hats and a pair of socks from Barb.

Christine loves to use variegated yarn to make these blankets. They always show a beautiful design.

Here is another, she added a little twist to this one. Lovely.

Here again interesting!

This pattern I found on It is a free pattern by Bernat. It's call ripple in the sand.
I enjoyed crocheting it and it is very easy.

Another crazy stitch blanket from me.

From Jane and beautiful hat and scarf set.

Hat and scarf set from Christine from the Marleigh group. Beautiful!! It will keep some one war this winter.

Two hat and scarf sets from also from the Marleigh group. Also beautiful.

This lovely blanket is from Brenda M. In variegated yarn perfect for a preemie baby.

Also from Brenda M a gorgeous hat and scarf set for a guy and very warm.

Very interesting pattern here, from Madge.
I cannot thank you ladies enough for the wonderful work to donate each time we meet.