Wednesday, September 25, 2013


From Doreen, these beautiful blankets,

a scarf, baby hats and a mitt,

more blankets,

and some silk scarves.

From Brenda, Quilts!

All so beautiful.

and a sweater,

also some hats and scarves.

Thank you ladies for you lovely donation and we hope to hear you again.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


This blanket was donated unfinished, I was not sure  I had enough yarn to finish it, but I got it done,  Made it. and it looks good.

 Love this hat and scarf set from Christine,

Beautiful baby blanket,

and another one from Christine.

From Sharon a hat and scarf set, lovely.

Sharon is putting squares together that was also donated to us. Great job Sharon.

Love this sweater from Kathy.

 This beautiful blanket done by Donna.

And a hat and scarf set.

From Madge lovely Afghan.
I am always overwhelm by the end of the year to see how much you all have donated, so I would like to thank you all again for you dedication and hard work.


The weather is getting cooler and I am sure you are all thinking of starting a craft, why not get those needles and hooks out and get working on some thing warm for a good cause.  We will be happy to receive a hat, scarf, baby blanket or what ever you enjoy working on. This year we will be donating at the end of October, first week of November. so if you are thinking of donating this year we would like to receive items by the second week of October. I hope to hear from you soon!

This beautiful baby blanket is from Madge,

and here is another. I love it.

Love the colours in this one too!

Hat and scarf also from Madge.

All on the table is from Madge's MOM, thank you so much for all the wonderful stuff you have sen us in the past years.

This baby blanket is from Christine,
and this one also,
and another and they are all very beautiful.

One of my scrap blankets.

Here is Siobhan showing her Afghan, It is just gorgeous!
And a hat from Siobhan.

Lovely hat and blanket from Margaret,

a couple of hats, a cowl, and hat and scarf set, from Margaret.

These are all from Marianne.

And a baby blanket,

here is another,

and another.

Monica is modeling the cowl she knitted,

and here is a scarf set from her.

from June a few hats.

and a scarf from Siobhan.

Some kid's sweaters from Kim


and a lot of hats also from Kim

Also hat and scarf set from Kim.
Thank you all for the great work and time you have put into to keep some one warm this winter.