Monday, August 26, 2013


Here we are outside at the legion's patio, what a gorgeous day for us to sit out an work on our crafts.
This is Dona, a new member, showing off her work. A warm, soft baby blanket,

and a cowl knitted with the same yarn, that will keep some one warm for sure.

Also this beautiful candy baby blanket.

Hats and a scarf from Kathy, love the colours.

Beautiful set from Christine,

and a lacy baby blanket,

and another baby blanket.

From here on you will see quite a few baby blankets, from Funda and her mom,

and this lovely baby top,

also from Funda's sister, some toys. They are so cute!

More blankets.

Thanks to all and I will see you next month.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


We have started to put thing together for our October donation, so if you have any thing for us, we ask that you get them to our drop off location, or contact us for pick up or drop off.
We are still in need for hat and scarves for adults and teens.
Here are a few items from our Markham meeting.

Hats and scarves from Monica.

Lots of baby hats from Paula.
 This beautiful blanket, the squares were donated to us and Sharon did a wonderful job putting them together. Thanks Sharon.

Hats from Sharon.

Toys from one of our on line knitters, Brenda. All so cute!

Baby jacket and hats,

baby blanket,

Preemie blanket,

Another baby blanket,

a T-Shirt,

a square,

scarves and a square. All from Brenda. Thank you so much.
Thanks again every one and keep the good work.