Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Finally the last lot of donation was done on November 19 2013. Here we are at Pathways with Lesley, Monica and Brittany showing some of the goods that were donated and craft by the casting off the cold team. 

And at the Yellow Brick House, is Amber, Katie and Monica, having fun modeling  some of the items.

As i have said before it is great to see the appreciation in ever one when we drop off the goods. 


These blankets were donated from Diane from Oakville On. We will be sending them off to Project Linus.
I would like to thank Diane for choosing Casting off the Cold for her donation this year. And we hope to hear from you soon again.


This was our last meeting for 2012, we are taking December off but will be working at home. Every one is so busy getting ready for the holidays, so I thought it will be best for us to concentrate on holiday things.
Here is a scarf from Pat,

And this gorgeous blanket.

Lots of hat and scarf sets from Christine,

and this beautiful baby blanket.

Two scarves from Mary's yarn, Monica sewed the ends in.

Some very small blankets that we donated to us and Monica put them together to make them larger.

They look great! Thanks Monica.

Sharon knitted this lovely baby sweater.

Here a few cowls using up my Boa yarn.
Well every one, I hope you lots of fun shopping and baking for the holidays. I know that Casting off the Cold will be some place in the back of your head. Thanks again for all the wonderful stuff you made this year.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Siobhan did the honors of delivering to New Market. Here she is chatting with Melissa at the Rose Of Sharon about the blankets and toys that were donated. Each year we donate about 50 baby blankets to them.
and it is very much appreciated.

And at the YRWC  is Sharon who works there showing some of the items donated to them.
They receive some thing for every one and I am sure they will all love them.

Each year we try our best to give more than the year before. But unfortunately we did not receive enough for our down town charities. Lets hope we will do better this coming year.
Tanks again to all who have worked on all the items to help a good cause.

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Here we are at Karsman Centre in Richmond Hill to deliver our donation of hats and scarves. 
This is Stephen Bradford showing some of our members great work to keep the home less warm. So many hats and scarves.

At the Pregnancy Centre in Markham, Carolyn Mui ,Melissa Volpe and Monica , giving you an idea of what we have donated to them. Lots and Lots of baby blankets.

It is so good to see the appreciation from the people receiving them.


From the senior knitting group.lots of hats for South Lake  Hospital.
They are all so cute,

Love these,

and look that this! Just great.

Sooooo cute,

and I love the head bands, babies all ways look so adorable with a head band on.

Here Mary is showing an Afghan,

this blanket is gorgeous!

and this one,

and another.

From Mary this lovely blanket.

and a few cowls.

These are from a donor,

Here are a couple of hats from Christine,

and a baby blanket.

A hat and scarf from Monica,

And from her friend Marianne, some hat and scarf sets,

and this beautiful blanket,

and another.

A few cowls and a scarf, using up all my boa yarn.
Another blanket that was donated unfinished. This is it finished.

From Bev her last of many hat and scarf sets.

These are from Liz and they are so adorable.

Squares that were donated and Sharon put them together, great job Sharon.
 This year was  great for baby blankets, so I would like to thank you all for doing a great job on every thing you made.