Monday, May 26, 2014


 What a great day for Stouffville meeting, I guess most of the members were enjoying the weekend, so we had a very small meeting.Casting Off The Cold is looking for new members to join both Markham and Stouffville group. If you enjoy meeting new people and love to knit/crochet, please contact for more info.You can join at any time, we meet all year round. Hope to hear from you soon!!! How to show what we received on Sunday.

From Christine, this wonderful blanket,

and here is another, it looks like crochet, but it is a knit pattern. It is beautiful!

A surprise from Betty, some lovely sweaters and her famous blankets.

They are all so beautiful Betty, thanks so much for thinking of Casting off the Cold. And from all of you out there, who has donated to us, many many thanks again.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Markham May Meeting.

These items were knitted by Lynn from the senior knitting group.

Margaret knitted this beautiful blanket,

And this one was crocheted by Shalena,

A group effort,

Joan this is a gorgeous blanket,
and another from the group.

Mary's project, beautiful!

A few scarves from the group.

From Joan and Barb, lots and lots of hats.

From Monica,
Lovely blanket from Sharon,

and a couple of bears.
Wonderful hat and scarf sets from Christine,

and a beautiful blanket,

here is another.

Preemie hats from Barb.
As always, thank you all for such lovely work.