Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Members donation for May,

Here are a few hats and scarves from me.
I am working on a blanket and it will take me some time to finish, so i will work on small things in between.

Some wonderful crochet blankets from Margaret and a couple of hats and scarves. She is doing very well with her crocheting.

Sophia is our youngest member at the moment. We are hoping that this will bring some of Markham's teens to join the group, to learn about sharing with those in need.

Here are some of the items she knitted.

They are wonderful!!

Look at these, Sophia made these for her brother. Awesome.

Here is a hat and scarf from Siobhan.

And a hat and scarf from Jane.

Barb is showing one of the blankets she made,

and on the table there are some bereavement blankets,

and a hat. Good job Barb!!

Here is Monica wearing a beautiful wool crochet hat and scarf.

This is a diagonal lace blanket crocheted by Monica.

And here is another blanket.

Lots of pouches from my sister from Winnipeg.
Thank you Ayesha.

Thank you all for the beautiful work.