Saturday, March 25, 2017


Eugenia dropped off these beautiful scarves in time for me to match them up, with some hat I received  earlier. 

Also these hat an scarf sets.

And this lovely afghan is from Nayana.
Thanks to you both.

Sunday, March 19, 2017


I a so looking forward to spring and today turned out to be a perfect spring day. I opened all my windows when I got home to let the fresh air in and it feels so good . I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful day. This post has items from a few online donors and from the Stouffville group. So here we go, 
From Brenda this beautiful blue blanket.

And Fonda dropped off these lovely baby blankets,

and a couple of scarves from a friend of hers.
From the Stouffville group, this beautiful baby jacket from Kathy!

Hats and more hats from a donor in Stouffville, Thank you for your donation.

And here is another set of hats from another donor in Stouffville. Thank you!

This candy strip blanket is from Christine. Love it.

Here is another blanket from Christine. beautiful!

So Beth is back from her Vacation, and as usual she had a few blankets to donate. This one she used the wave pattern and I love the colour combination she used for this one.

This blanket, Beth designed the pattern and if you see it up close you would think she used a variegated yarn to knit this blanket. But she used a few colours to make it up. Great Job Beth,

Another amazing colour combination and blanket.

And this blue blanket, Beth said she used two strains of yarn to knit this blanket.

Her the sherbet pattern in pink from Beth.

Another gorgeous blanket from Beth. Beth they are all beautiful!

Here Marg crocheted the (CTC) blanket and it looks great Marg.

Here is another (CTC) blanket from Marg.  Beautiful!

This is one of my favorite pattern, little miss sunshine baby blanket. So easy and it works up very quickly.

Another one of my fvas, the Larkfoot pattern. It could be done in three or four colours also and will look amazing.
Well I would like to thank you all for your time and great work.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Amica Kneat Knitters February 25/17

The ladies at Amica at Unionville have been busy! We have a new member, Lily, who brings her dog Max along to keep us all company. She's also already made her first donation of sweaters for children, all made without looking at a pattern!  We're happy to give the ladies at Amica another social event to look forward to, and they like knowing that their work will end up where it will be appreciated and used every day.

These are the beautiful items made by Lily:

Christine made 2 more hats:

We have another lovely baby blanket from Muriel:

And from Monica, a baby blanket and hat set:

We 're looking forward to our next meeting on March 8.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Here I am  at the Cedarcrest Manor in Markham and collected quite a few items. 
From Joan, these lovely hat and scarves.

Brab is having a little trouble with her hands, so was only able to knit a couple of hat.
Hope you feel better soon Barb.

This colourful blanket is from Christine,

And this beautiful strip blanket.

I have quite a bit of this yarn and knitted up a couple of cowls.

Using up my baby Bernat coordinate yarn to make baby blankets.

From Margaret lots of hats and a couple of mitts.
Thank you all for your beautiful work.