Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Very year Rowena donated her beautiful hats and scarves. This year here we have 50 hats,

and 42 scarves.

This is my dining table full of mitts, hats and scares from Kelly, her mom and her grandmother.

The mitts are lined with fleece and they feel so warm.any kid receiving them will definitely be warm this winter. Beautifully done., I love them. The scarves her mom made and grandmother made the hats and mitts.
Thank you so much for you warm donation.

This cotton blanket is from Rose, very colour. love it.
The items coming up is from the residents of the Crown Ridge Retirement Home in Trenton.
A beautiful blanket,

And this one, they put different size squares together to get this design.

Here is another blanket made up with squares.

And this one too!
Lots of hats for all ages.

Some hats for adults.

And some beautiful scarves.

This is a gorgeous baby set.

Brenda amazes very time. I ask for hat and in five days she knitted 10, beautiful.

More from Brenda, this lovely blanket,

and here is another,

This sheep blanket gorgeous!!

 And this one also. I love them both. She loves making these. Well done Brenda.

I think this is a cowl.

Lots of scarves from an un none donor. All beautiful.

Monday, October 26, 2015


At our Stouffville meeting, we had a wonderful surprise. SNAP STOUFFVILLE  came and took pictures of the group and will be in the next edition. So try a pick one up if you live in Stouffville.
As the weather cooler now, I am sure you are all thing of warmer clothing, so lets also think of those in need. If you knit/crochet put those needles and hooks and get them clicking and make some thing warm for some one in need. Also new members are always welcome to join us at any of our meetings, make new friends and enjoy an afternoon of fun. contact Sally at

How lets have a look at some of the projects that were hand in this meeting. from Beth, a few hats to match up all the colourful scarves I have received.

This beautiful scarf and mitt.

And as usual one of her wonderful blankets.

This lovely pullover and hat from Patrica ( Beth's sister)

And a beautiful blanket. Thanks you Patrica for your donation.

Another blanket from Beth.

Here we have a red pullover and a scarf from Pat, ( A friend of Kathy). Thank you so much for your donation.

More hats to match up colourful scarves, from Kathy.

Another great blanket from Mary,

and this beautiful head band from Mary.

Two members join us on Sunday, this amazing blanket is from Hazel, from Newmarket.

Also this one. Love the colours.

And from Sue, also a new member from Newmarket.

And this one too! All so beautiful!!

Two more hats to match the colourful scarves, from Marg.

And this amazing blanket.

also a scarf from Marg.
Here are some kids helmets from Lynn,

and a few hats,

also some beautiful sweaters.

from Barb, lots of hats for all ages.

From Laualine, two lovely hats.

Joan love the pom poms. beautiful hats for kids.

And this lovely blanket.

and this one also.

and another.

and these scarves.

I am working on hats we need to match some scarves we received, that are very colourful.
Thank you all for a year of good work and making things happen for those in need.