Monday, May 23, 2016


Every time Marg knits this blanket, it always looks different. I love the colours in this one, it really shows up the pattern. 

Another shell blanket by Beth. Soft colours for a little girl.

This blanket, Beth said that she used a phone number to make up the pattern. What a great idea. Great job Beth!!

More collaboration, Beth kinted up somw cowls and scarves for hat from the seniors group.

Jen crocheted a scarf for one of the hats.

An this one too!!

This beautiful blanket is from Christine,
What lovely colours in this one.

Here is another blanket from Christine.
Tow more blankets from Christine!!

Thank you all for your beautiful work and your time.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Here we are at the Cedarcrest  Manor May 1st and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised at the volume of items I received. As you can see we are just getting started here to show off their stuff.

Squares that were given to Brenda B and she put them together to make this beautiful blanket.
Wonderful Brenda!!

A few hats from Barbara.

From Joan this lovely blanket.

A couple of hat from Joan.

Melanie made this sweater and hat for a doll. So cute!!

And from Lynn, helmet hat, mitts and baby hats. Beautiful!!

As usual Lynn love making sweaters for kids and always add a T under them to make them a set.

Lynn's first crochet blanket that she did with no help and it turned out great!!! Good job Lynn!

This lovely blanket by Sirinder. Thank you so much and we hope to see you at the next meeting.

Vest and hat from Olive,

and this one too!

Liz picked up these scarves from Knitters Attic that was donated from an on line donor.

A beautiful sweater from Liz.

Brenda M knitted this hat and scarf set and she used a washable wool for it. Very warm.

Here is Brenda M showing her afgahn for 360 Kids. Beautiful!!

Nayans master piece, afghan for 360 Kids.

Beautiful cowls from Nayana.

Jane and Marianne collaborate with hat and scarf sets. Beautiful!!

Another master piece from Monica, afghan for 360 Kids.

This one Monica did the ribbon stitch, turned out great Monica!!
Monica also collaborate with Barbara and Joan. Monica knitted all the scarves for thier hats. Great team work.

And Jennifer also made a scarf for one of Joan's hats.

Another crazy stitch blanket from me and I thought I would try a different border.

101 wash cloths from Kim!! WOW!!

Here is Kim's afghan for 360 Kids. Great job Kim!!
Thanks again every one, for all the amazing work and for your time.