Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Here we are at the Stouffville Library for the last meeting before our big day. We are gearing up to the last minute collection of goods for those in need. So if you are thinking of donating some thing for our charities in York Region, you can drop it off at Candlelight and Memories on main street Stouffville and Pat will be happy to collect it for us.

This meeting we collected a lot of baby blanket from Tracy, since she was very busy this summer with work. We were very happy to see her, as usual with lots of stuff.

Here are two beautiful baby blankets from Kim.

And two lovely Afghans for guys.

A few hat and scarf sets form me.

These are so colourful, I love them!
they are from Sue.

A sweet jacket from Pat

and look at this, so cute,
also from Pat.

And another jacket and hat from Pat.

I love these hats, love the colours.
They were made by Barb.

Donna was also away for the summer, and again she crocheted two gorgeous blanket.

This Afghan was put together by Anne, the squares she inherited and it look a long time to finish, because as you can see they are very small squares. But she did a great job putting them together.
At the meeting, she mentioned that it should have a border, so we all decided that a border will look great.
I will post it when it is done.

Siobhan knitted this 10 stitch baby blanket, this turned out beautiful! And there is a cute jacket to go with it too.
I just love it.

Two lovely hat and scarf sets for Ulrika.

And one of her famous bags, this one is an abstract design. every one of her bags is one of a kind.

You will see on this table lots of fleece blankets,

and also on this table. WOW!


and some preemie hats.

Another blanket, great colours.

Squares put together, also from Tracy.

Love this one, she said it took her a day to make. Quick and easy.
you can find the patter on her blog.
welcome back happy hooker!

Here are some amazing hat and scarf sets from Christine.
She is enjoying the change from sweaters. Christine used up her bits to design these and they turned out great.

Well one more meeting before we donate all the stuff from my basement. The Markham meeting which is this Sunday Oct, 2.
Thank you all again for a great job done and hope to see you all on donation day, Oct, 30.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I completely forgot to mention to the members, that we are low on hat and scarf set for the little ones. So I put a little bug in their bonnets and to my surprise I received quite a few beautiful sets for kids. We do need a lot more before our donation date, which will be after the Stouffville meeting in October. So for those of you who have not been to the last few meeting and would like to whip up some hat and scarf set for us, please do! We are looking for sets for ages 3 to 10.

Here are some sweaters and a couple of blankets from Loraine.

These a just beautiful,

and will be great for some of the Charities we donate to.

Love the colours in this blanket,

and look at this one, love it.

And another.

This baby blanket I crocheted using a cluster and front post stitch.
i got the pattern from Leisure Arts. I just love it.

Here are some kids hat and scarf sets from me.

Here is Ulrika showing this lovely baby blanket.

And a gorgeous hat and scarf set.

These two blanket she used some squares I gave her and she was able to put together a preemie and a baby blanket. They look just great.

Another shopping bag for my sale.
One of my clients ordered this one, isn't it gorgeous!

From Barb a baby blanket

and some great hats for toddlers.
I love them and i hope she would make some more.

Now from the knitting machine Christine, a few preemie blankets,

and wow, lots of beautiful kids hat and scarf set.

And Madge, this is a lovely Afghan and hat for a kid.

Also a baby blanket.

From Madge's mom, who lives in Newfoundland. She knits for us every year and sends a package up . Look at all those hat and scrf sets. Wonderful!

Many thanks to you, Jacquline.
We love all the beautiful stuff you have sent in the past.

Well Margaret, you have done it again.
Lots of hat and scarf sets. Beautiful!

And a lovely baby blanket.

From Dawn, a cotton baby blanket, which she will be entering in the Markham fair. Good luck.

And Jane, who always seem to amaze me, two gorgeous sets.
Very interesting patterns.

A few sets from Monica,

and this Afghan, Monica crocheted for a raffle, that she will be donating to a seniors home in Stouffville.

A few more mitts from Liz

and some baby hats and a couple of sweaters. Lovely!

This was a great collection of items from the Markham group. I would like to thank you all for working so hard to provide the hat and scarf set. You are all such great people.