Monday, July 27, 2015


Sorry this took so long to post, but I got so busy working in my garden, I simply forgot to do this. Well here we are in Stouffville, a very small group but received a lot of items. I really like this. 

From Beth, this beautiful baby blanket. She used the crazy stitch and added a very nice border.

Also from Beth, beautiful colours. love it.

A friend of Kathy's donated this blanket to us, thanks to the donor.

From Kathy,this gorgeous baby jacket.

and this one also.

Marg, the colours in this blanket, is so beautiful! I love it.

Another one from Marg,

and here is another!

Oh and this one too.

Hat and scarf sets from Christine, Love the colours.

Hat and scarf sets for some young boys,

And here are some more for girls.
Beautiful work ladies. Thank you so much.