Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Website and Casting Off Online

Casting Off the Cold's web presence has just been extended! Now when you type you will find yourself on our new website. The site gives information about us and the causes we support. You can also find the calendar of meetings and events, size guides and a list of items we need the most. You'll find a direct link to the site in the 'Links' section on the blog.

Please visit the site and give us your feedback!

We would also like to announce that Casting Off the Cold is establishing 'Casting Off Online', where anyone who would like to participate in our contributions but isn't close enough to get to our meetings or drop-off points can send donations to us. We will choose one organization per month to be the recipient of all items sent in to Casting Off Online. Check the website for the featured organization and the things they will need.

Happy Crafting!