Monday, February 2, 2009

Bata Shoe Museum Sock Knitting Workshop

On January 25, four members of Casting Off the Cold held a workshop at the Bata
Shoe Museum to teach experienced knitters how to make socks.
We had twelve students in all, some of whom preferred crocheting to knitting, so Tracy held a small class to teach crocheting socks. Thanks a million, Tracy; we know socks aren't on your list of favourites.
Even though we were limited to a 5-hour session, a few of our students managed to finish a whole sock, and they were all pleased to have mastered a new technique. We presented each one of our participants with a Certificate at the end of the session, and many were very interested in what Casting Off the Cold is doing.
Thanks to the participants, the Bata Shoe Museum and our members for organizing and taking part. Click below to see a short video of the event.

Here's Tracy with the youngest student in the class:

Here are some more pictures from the workshop.

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