Wednesday, June 16, 2010


As you all know we had some steamy day this spring, and who new we would receive this many items. All I wanted to do was be in my garden. Any way the June members meeting turned out great with lots of colourful items.

These two blankets were crocheted by me, the yellow one is called the tulip blanket.

Here is Monica showing a baby bonnet to go with a lap blanket.

Granny square blanket by Margaret and some baby hats.

The black and white blanket she really wanted to crochet.

Here Nayana is showing one of the shopping bags she knitted. And lots of other items on the table.

Jane worked on this blanket that she never thought she would finish for the fundraiser, but she did and what a great job she did.

And Pat who knits such beautiful baby clothing.
Here are some baby tops,

and a sweater. Pat also knitted the Eeyore Blanket for the raffle.

More mitts from Liz for the fundraiser.

Lots more hats and scarves from Bev.

This lovely blanket was crocheted by Pavan.

Another colourful one, great for kids. And many more on the table.

Pat what a gorgeous baby jacket and hat.

All of these baby items on the table Pat knitted for the fundraiser.

Here Barb is showing a baby blanket,

And another, very soft and cozy. also for the fundraiser.

This one is very interesting, I love it.

And these are from Madge.

Here are some baby hats for our teen member, Sophia.

Thank you all for your great work.

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