Sunday, August 22, 2010


I hope every one had a great summer, considering how humid it was. I personally would prefer cooler weather like today, but I still had a wonderful summer.
At our August meeting I was very surprised to received so many items, It's good to know that you still care to do something for those in need, no matter what the weather is.
I could not ask for more, thank you all.
Here are some of the work that was donated.

A crocheted baby blanket by me.

Here is Barb working on a boy's blanket, it is looking great.

A few more blankets from me.

Lots of beautiful hats and blankets from Madge.

I love this one.
And here is Liz working on another blanket. Beautiful colours and very soft.

WOW look at all these baby hats, blankets, and scarves from Margaret. All lovely.

Here she is showing one of them.

These are from Monica, I love the summer baby hats.

Look at this, isn't that gorgeous!

On this table there is a blanket and hat set and scarf and hat from Jane.

Here she is showing the hat and scarf. Lovely!

And here is Pat, looks like she is doing a dance with this lovely baby blanket. Love it.

And our new member showing this beautiful blanket she made, with a hat and a pair of mitts to go with it. Thank you very much Paramjeet!

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