Sunday, November 7, 2010


November Markham meeting had a great turn out and we collected quite a few items. As usual I panic that we will not have enough to distribute to all of our Charities. But it worked! We made it lots of baby blankets, afghans and hats and scarves to add to the bags.
The group has been working diligently to make this happen and I have to thank the them for being so patient with me.
November the 9th and 10th we will be donating to Pathways and the Yellow Brick House. Here are some of the items that will be going to those causes.

These three blankets are from Kaysi, I must say I have not seen any one learn a craft so quickly. Any stitch I show her, its a natural to her. Good job Kaysi!

Lots and lots of hat and scarf sets from Bev and friends.

Also quite a few extra hats.

Here I am showing this large colourful Afghan, I used seventeen different colours to make it up. The pattern is by Teresa from the art of crocheting.

And here is another, and this one will be donated to Pathways.

This baby blanket I used the crazy stitch, I went on line to find the stitch and all I could find was the version using a three Double crochet cluster and I wanted a two double crochet cluster. Could not find it any where. Well I had to figure it out myself!! And Imade two hats with the same patterns!

Another blanket using the cross stitch from me.

Beautiful scarves from Paramjet and two baby blankets,

this one is so soft!

These are some squares that were given to her and I love the way she put them together.

And here is another one.

The famous mitts from Liz.

And Margaret showing one of her beautiful scarves,and on the table a few more with a baby blanket.

Monica; you love this, it looks great on you.

Here is one of the Afghans for Pathways, and Monica made the dead line, and what a great job she did. Thank you Monica!

Some hats and scarves from Nayana,
and a bereavement blanket.
we will not be seeing Nayana for a while, she is off to India.

Well Jane you have done it again, Lovely
Here is Jane holding a hat and scarf.

Pavan also received some squares to put together, and here they are, they look great!

Well,Barb also had to put some squares together, love the colours. Barb it is great, you do a great job putting squares together.

And here is Tracy who also crocheted an Afghan for Pathways,
she crocheted large squares and put them together, and you cannot see any line in this one. Great job Tracy.
More blankets on the table, they are all gorgeous!

Another set of squares to put together by Madge.
And it looks great too!

Here is Pat, showing a side of sock she is working on. And on the table hats, scarves,

and some socks, which will be going to Pathways.

These two Afghans are from Maria,
what beauitful colours.They will also go to Pathways.

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