Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Holidays to our Members and Followers!!

It is once again the time of year to thank everyone who has contributed in any way to Casting Off the Cold over the past year. Whether you have been a regular attendee at our meetings, have sent your donations along with someone else or delivered them to Sally yourself, we can't thank you enough for the time and effort you have put into making sure that someone in need will have warm clothing and accessories this winter.

If you've been following the blog, you have seen the reports of our donation deliveries and can see that the organizations we support are more than appreciative of the work we all do.

Thanks for another year of wonderful support for this initiative - we've started planning next year based on the needs our charities have expressed to us already.

Our Christmas photo this year is of Siobhan and Monica wearing the 'Santa's Elf' hat and scarf made by Monica. Look for the patterns coming soon to our Ravelry board!

Happy Holidays, and all the best to everyone for a healthy and prosperous New Year!

Sally, Monica and Siobhan
the Casting Off the Cold Steering Committee

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