Thursday, April 7, 2011


What a good feeling that spring is here, the days are longer and a lot more sun. Just the type of weather to clean up the garden, I am almost finish. the snow drops are all up and the tulips are picking up. Isn't it wonderful to see life coming up from the ground? Every day I have to take a look to see whats popping up.
Well so much about my garden, now on with the donations.
This month we will be teaching youth students to knit/crochet so they can make up their community hours. Sarah attend the Markham meeting and will be at the Souffville meeting. hopefully we will be able to show a picture of her next update.
Now here are the member with their donations.

Well Siobhan, this blanket looks great!! Love the colour combination.

Liz working on Mitts.

And Dawn, a new member is crocheting.

Phillis dropped off these baby hats.

Thanks Phillis!!

Another Afghan from me,

And these were donated and finally I put them together, using the braid join stitch.

This one I did the same.
We have a lot more squares to put together, so I hope we will finish them this year.

Betty is showing one of her baby blankets,
very colourful and they all have many different stitches.
Betty designs all her blankets.

This one is different, it looks the same but it is not.

And another,

An there is another.
They are all beautiful.

This sweater is also from Betty.

Monica's hat using up scraps.

Here are a couple hat and scarf sets from Nayana.

And Jane finished the hat she was working on.

Beautiful colours in this Afghan from Barb.

And Madge added the flowers she was working on for the hats, Lovely!!

So that's it! Thanks Ladies for your time and contribution.

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