Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Well I am sure you are all enjoying the warmer weather, it's been long coming. I can not wait to get out and soak up the fresh air and sunshine, I just love it so enjoy every minute of it.

Now a little bit of crafting, we had a small group this month in Markham, and here are a few things that were donated.

This blanket I used a new stitch from the crochet stitch book I have, and it turned out pretty good if I may say so myself. The name of the stitch is call staggered shells.

This beautiful blanket and hat Liz knitted.

And here is a lovely hat from Madge,

also a gorgeous granny square blanket.

And look at these two lovely baby jackets done by Barb.
I just love them.

Thank you Ladies for taking your Sunday after noons to volunteer for a good cause.

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