Thursday, August 25, 2011


Here we are at the Stouffville library on a week day for the first time. Anne wanted us to be there, since the Deputy Minister was going to visit the library on Wednesday August 24th.
Every one had a great time chatting with people walking by and showing off the beautiful items they made.
I think this will give us a lot more exposure in the Stouffville community. Well here are some stuff to show you.

This blanket I used scraps, lots of colours and i love the way it turned out.

These two hats were donated by Leigh, a new member, who will be joining us soon.
Thank you very much Leigh!

Here is Sophia, showing off her baby blanket.
And a baby jacket on the table.

Ulrika is crocheting up some shopping bags for us to use for our fundraiser.
they are all so beautiful!

These are some squares that were donated to us and Ulrika put them together into a lovely blanket.

Here is a scarf from Ulrika.

Lovely hat from Sue.

Sue said that this blanket took here a long time to do. It was done in strips and then put together. Great job Sue!

Here are a few hat and mitt sets from Kathy. Very soft and warm.
They are beautiful!

Anne crocheted a first baby blanket, it turned out great!

and a gorgeous kid's Afghan,

Here are some baby blankets and sweaters from Loraine. A lady at Liz's knitting class.

They are all very beautiful, great work.

Some more sweaters.

Now these were crocheted by a new member Melanie and she is learning to crochet from the book, crochet for dummies.
Well i have to tell you, she is doing a great job at it.

She donated four baby blankets.

Great job Melanie!

These two blanket also from Loraine.

Well done very one and thank you for all you great work.

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