Tuesday, April 10, 2012


And I would like to let every one know that the Oshawa group is taken off, four members have joined and I could just see it growing to 20 members in no time. This has to work so we will be able to donate to the Durham shelters and hospitals. The need is great all over Ontario, so please if you love to knit/crochet and would like to help the needy and live in the area, please contact Anne at  castingoffthecoldoshawa@gmail.com for more info and  the location to the meeting and we will be there to give Anne support.
 As usual the members are working hard in there spear time and I am always amaze at the lovely stuff they bring along to each meeting.  I cannot wait to see what's next each month.

Here are some of the items,

This beautiful blanket Margaret crocheted, she did such a great job on it and i love the colours.
And this one, some one gave her the squares and Margaret put them together. It looks great!
Monica crocheted this blanket from my Snuggle Blocks book, What a great job she did.
Hey Sue this blanket turned out beautiful!
Another granny square blanket from Ulrika. This one way to use up your ends.Great combination!
And one of Ulrika's famous bags. She used the crocodile stitch for this one and it is gorgeous!
Ulrika thank you so much for getting us started with the angels pocket. You are always ready to for what ever come your way.

Sharon; I love the surprise jacket, you did a great job on it.
Here are some summer hats, that I could not wait to crochet.
And another Afghan.
These two key hole scarves are from a anonymous donor.
An from Kim, this lovely blanket square. Great colour combination.
Also from Kim,
This one has my eyes going around in circles, but I love it.
Looks a little lacy, beautiful!
And a few hat and scarf sets.
Here is Madge showing  a beautiful Afghan,
and also a baby block blanket from my sunggle blocks book. Great job Madge!
Christine; you never fail, always lots of hat and scarf set for the kids.
And a beautiful sweater.
I love this one, you did a wonderful job on the design.
Great job every one and many, many thanks for your time and creativity.

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