Thursday, September 20, 2012


I am sure that you are feeling the chill in the air, especially first thing in the morning and late evening.  Great time to sit back and get the needles and hooks working.
The need for warm clothing is always in need and getting larger each year. We need more people to take part in this great cause. Please take a few minutes to make some thing warm for those in need. It will be greatly appreciated.
Now there are a few things from the Stouffville group. 

Pat knitted this beautiful pink butterfly blanket.

Here is a crochet scarf from Donna,

and a gorgeous baby blanket and jacket set.

Here are three beautiful blankets from Billie,

the second baby blankets.

The third one,

And a sweater.

Hat and scarf set from Ulrika.

From Christine, lots of hat and scarf sets. 

Here are the two surprise jacket with the buttons on from Barb.

Thank you all for your wonderful work.

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